Pregnant and i feel like im Dying!

I just turned 10 wks pregnant, and i feel like i am dying. I don't know if i have the flu OR if im miscarrying or what. My back has been killing me (i didn't get hardly any sleep last night), my stomach is cramping, i have a terrible headache (but no fever), i threw up last night (which is odd because i have yet to throw up this whole pregnancy). and my muscles down my legs are aching, i haven't even been able to tend to my daughter because im in so much pain! (my mom has been helping me with her) WHAT COULD THIS ALL MEAN??

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i just had a miscarriage and i tink i had all dis signs so i will advice you to run to your doctor as soon as possible..thanks.

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see your doctor . . . it might be a tubal pregnancy which can be life threatening

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My mom had a tubal and had those symptoms as well she was 10 weeks when she found out and she let herself get to the point where she couldnt even walk because her body was in so much pain. Her tube had started to rupture and poison her body luckily they caught it in time but she had to have her right ovary and tube removed...You should really hurry and see your doctor just to be on the safe side, on a positive note your pregnancy could just be kicking your but because early in my pregnancy I had really sharp pains, back pains ect.. they told me it was growing pains and i'm 23 weeks now and me and baby are jsut fine but I had a really rough time in the beginning too...I wish you the best of luck all in all...

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