POSITIVE TEST but BLEEDING??? please read!!

This morning I took A pregnancy test and it was positive., i was bleeding a little yesterday and this morning. Now I am bleeding more and its brighter red. Why would I be bleeding if I am pregnant? I have no cramps whatsoever, I have NOT had intercourse in the last 48 hours, but I did work out last night, could that cause it? I went to the OBGYN and got bloodwork done but I don't know how long before I will get the results. Has anyone had bleeding in early pregnancy and continued with a healthy pregnancy?? Please leave comments if you have any advice. THanks!

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could it be implantation bleeding... i have always had implantation bleeding with my pregnancies...

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Yes, I have two full term pregnancies without really any thing serious happen, but bleeding early on. Neither time it was serious, but it can be scary. I have 3 healthy children altogether. It was my second and third pregnancy that I had unusual bleeding. I believe that the bleeding I had was different for both of those pregnancies too. I will try to explain.

The first time it happened I was somewhere in the first tri-mester. I remember my Dr telling me to be careful and try to lift excessively and get more rest. Well, with a toddler that was nearly impossible to do, but I did take extra caution whenever I could. I recruited family to help out too. Once the bleeding stopped the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. I cannot exactly recall how long I had bleeding for....maybe a week or so.

The second time it happened was during my third pregnancy and I had learned that I have a clotting problem even before I was pregnant. I clot too well and could be a problem for me and the baby if I was to get a blood clot. I was put on blood thinners. I started bleeding about 18 - 20 weeks. This went on for a couple weeks or so and the Dr's were baffled. THey could see the bleeding, but they could not find the source after u/s and pelvic exam...it was almost like an ooze, but enough that I had to wear a pad. They adjusted my blood thinners and still I continued to ooze. Finally they decided it was safer, but still risky for me to stop all the blood thinners altogether. Again, I was able to bring the pregnancy full term uneventfully.

Bleeding is a scary thing. Your mind goes in every direction and you have every bad thought. Take it easy for a little while and hold off on those work outs. Your body could be going thru an adjustment. Who really knows? Most importantly keep your stress level down. Don't work yourself up about the "What-If's". I know that is easier said than done....

Finally, continue to drink plenty of water and eat healthy and nutrious food. The better you take care of yourself the better your pregnancy will go too. Hey, this is your time to glow! Eat it up! ;O)

Take care and best wishes!

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Something I didn't see in an earlier reply that is important....

You didn't mention your blood type (not a complaint, you really dont need too lol) so someone should let you know... If you have a negative blood type (or if you aren't sure) then you need to go to the hospital. (unless your husband/partner is negative as well) I'm not saying that something is wrong.. don't worry. It could be implantation bleeding or something else harmless. But if you have a neg bloodtype (I do is how I know this) then you will need to get a rhogam shot (I'm not sure if I spelled that right, too early in morning lol).

The reason is that if there is a chance your baby is positive then you can end up with antibodies to the positive blood & cause problems (serious ones too) for future children. I don't know what the chances are of that happening so early in pregnancy... But I had to have a shot from bleeding at 7 weeks. Also, if you are they will give you one at 28 weeks whether you bleed or not, and another after birth if the child is positive.

Also, you mentioned that you went to the Dr... If they did a pap smear that could have caused the bleeding. If it was that, then it should be ok.. mostly just scary like the other reasons that were mentioned above.

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On my last pregnancy 2 days after a positive test I started bleeding bright red with mild cramps, then I cramped a lot..I miscarried. Just if you bleed for more than 4 days get yourself checked out to make sure everything is ok. Any sign of cramping just GO see a doctor. ok?..I don't wish on anyone the heartache of miscarrying a baby. Good luck...I was 6 weeks pregnant. Wish you the best of luck!!!
and Congrats on the bundle.

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Hello! Whats an implantation bleeding???

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sorry wrong one

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Is ok lol..

Basically implantation bleeding is when the baby implants into the uterus there is a little bleeding that can occur.

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I am in my 6th week of my first pregnancy, and on-off the past 2 days have had some brownish spotting. This can be normal for several reasons even though i'm well past implantation bleeding...i also am exercising and this can increase blood flow to your reproductive organs, your cervix is going thru a lot of changes and can bleed much easier than normal (from exercise, sex, etc.). I've know & heard of plenty of people that actually get their period throughout their pregnancy (and still have healthy babies!).

Ifs it goes with strong cramps, if it goes many days, if its heavy, if theres tissue, see a doc. But if you read around and still dont feel comfortable, call your doc...thats what you pay them for!

Good luck!

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hi girls,i hd very good hcg report on 28th july it was 457 on 30 th it was more than double.i got bright spot on 4th of august.after that all was fine other than brownish after i wipe off the pee.today at 1pm i started red watery bleed without cramping. i have resigned for this baby coz of ivf and refused to join 3 new jobs due to this pregnancy i bled 20 cc blood today and totally freaked out.called doctor s office have u/s tomorrow at 8an do not know what will happen......amy

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