PCOS Confusion

Hi, I am a 30 year old with PCOS and I am very confused. I have very irregular periods as in maybe one every six months if I am lucky. Currently I am not taking any medication at all for my PCOS to include metformin. When my cycle naturally occurs, it is usually very painful and fairly heavy. I have heavy PMS symptoms for days to weeks prior to my cycle coming on and have no question as to if aunt flow had arrived. About six days ago I started having a drown to light pink discharge that I gave never seen. There has not been enough discharge to use a tampon andevery day I have thought that it has speed only to see it again the next day. I have a very active sex life and do not use any birth control and I do have a give year old daughter. I have not taken a test since this has started because I am nervous of a negative result. Anyone that had any would be appreciated.

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