Ovulation from both ovaries

Been TTC for 1yr. I know when I'm ovuating by the cramping in my ovary, but I've been using the ovulation predictor tests too. This month it said I was going to ovulate, and I did but I had cramps in both my ovaries (never happened B4). Could I have ovulated from both in same month?

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Yes, you can ovulate from both ovaries in a cycle or ovulate more than one egg from one ovary. It's not very common but the rate increases manifold if your on fertility drugs. Yet, it is possible. If you release more than one egg in a cycle and they both get fertilized then that would be fraternal twins.

Yet, to answer your question... yes you can ovulate more than one egg in a cycle. Now does the pain on your sides mean that, you don't really know unless you have a scan and it shows the corpus luteum, etc. The good news is though that you did ovulate this month and with the pain being a good sign, then your chances of conception are higher. :) Good luck!!!

(btw- I am 23 weeks pregnant and I had horrible pain on my left side during ovulation and sure enough I got pregnant from my left ovary. :) I also had ovulation spotting this pregnancy.)

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My name is Ann, and I'm privileged to be a cohost to this wonderful community. One of the great things about it is that we have members like Daniella who are not only knowledgeable, but kind enough to share that knowledge (very promptly, I might add!) with new moms and moms-to-be.

So lots of luck and good wishes to you, and do keep us posted, okay?

(Oh, I see you live in Bucks County, PA. I've been dying to take my kids to Sesame Place there. Maybe one of these days!)

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