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well ive had the copper iud for about a year now , ive had sex with my fiance and about 3 to 4 days later i started to spot no cramps , about a week later im still spotting and lower back pain , cramps, sore breast the symptoms just comes a goes , could i be pregnant ? idk im kinda worried bc ive read alot of stories about iud and pregancy and most of them they end up having a misscarrige .

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I asked a similar question my period is 11 days late have had spotting three times and alittle bit of cramps sore breast. I took two hpt n they came back negative. I will go to the dr on wednsday to see wats going on. I hope things work out well for u.

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Wondering if you have found out if you are pregnant? IUD pregnancies are scary but they can be successful, my almost one year old is living proof

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