High/ Soft Cervix a sign of pregnancy?

Hello.. My name is Ruthie I'm 25 and have 7 years with PCOS. I had my first son with fertility meds called Clomid and Metformin.. due to low progesterone and a possible miscarriage scare I got a progesterone shot and thank GOD mybaby was fine. I delivered him @ 34 weeks due to fetal distress and slow heartbeat.. I had very low amniotic fluid and my baby was literally gasping for air. He was 4 and a half pounds and the center of my life. He is my miracle.. When he was 9 months I started again the same meds and got pregnant...and miscarried on week 6 due to low progesterone. Again a year later I went back on the meds and again got pregnant and miscarried for teh same reason. I have never shown a positive pregnancy tests till after the 6 weeks and the reason for that is that I have very long cycles and I ovulated later on...making my pregnancy signs further away than regular women with normal cycles.
ummmm this month I started my first round of the same meds on a much higher doe and am waiting for a + pregnancy test... I did ovulate this month and I have been "watching" my body closely for a sign that maybe I FINALLY got pregnant on the meds!! Now I have been noticing my cervix being VERY high (I can barely reach it with my finger) and its VERY soft and closed. Is this a clear sign of pregnancy or is this all a myth?
My breast are so soar they hurt under my armpits. I have never felt "pregnancy symptoms" on none of my pregnancies..my 1st was amazingly symptom free until I delivered and the other two same thing. So that's why I ask. I tested 3 days ago and got a negative home pregnancy test but its very early I did a due date calculator and it said I should be 3 weeks 2 days.

Thank you in advance...your replies are much appreciated. I can't wait to find out that I'm pregnant FINALLY!!!


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With your history and the fertilty meds your on, they should be testing your hormones at different points in your cycle. Including your progesterone at 21 dpo. Do you get ultrasounds right before or around ovulation to check follicle size, amount, etc.? You may want to ask your dr. to test your hormone levels after ovulation to see your level, etc., especially if you have to go on progesterone supplements right away.

I also have a progesterone problem and have to be on the supplements as soon as I find out I'm pregnant (yet, I usualy know about 11dpo.) Anyhow, you said you would be 3 weeks 2 days so that would mean your only 9dpo. It may still be too early to detect on a HPT. If your truly concerned about finding out RIGHT AWAY because you need to go on supplements ASAP, ask the doctor to check your HCG. ~baby dust~

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As far as your cervix... it changes often during a cycle. Hard to tell if its pregnancy or mid cycle. It is a good sign though if its still hard. Mine would get soft and slightly open right before AF. Other pregnancy signs mimic AF, so again... hard to tell with the sore bb's, etc. Hopefully it is pregnancy for you! :)

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