Have I miscarried???

I had a positive pregnancy test last week, the next day started bleeding. Went to doctor who said do another test over the weekend....done test today still positive but still bleeding?
Will the test read positive as my horemones will still be everywhere and if I do another test next week am I right in thinking it will be negative?
(Like a period bleed nothing more nothing less)

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it might be normal, a lot of ladies have periods while pregnant, i had bleeding early on and got told it was a bladder infection. the only way you can be for sure is to get a scan done, a preg test will show pos for a few weeks before the hormoens go down enough to show neg.

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The best thing to do is go to your dr and ask for a blood test now and then in 3 days if your numbers continue to climb you are still pregnant but if they start to fall then you are in the process or have miscarried.

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Also to add to what mommyfirst said, if your levels are climbing but abnormally, you could have a tubal pregnancy. I had one in between my 2 sons. I had to have a methotrexate (sp?) Shot to help nature run it's course in miscarrying the pregnancy to minimize the possibility of complications for future pregnancies. The sooner you get to the doctors and find out the better. If you have a tubal pregnancy, you could have your fallopian tube to rupture causing you to hemorrhage.

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