Encouragement for parents of sick babies.

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know I am a pediatric nurse. I worked as a nursing assistant for a lot of years before I graduated as the "Nurse" in Aug 08. I LOVE my job on every level.

Most of your know I experienced the loss of my first son in June of 08 (Baby DJ). Many friends and family wanted to know how I would go back to work with these little sick babies after such a tradgedy in my own life. I tried to explain, I am the caregiver not the parent. I know my purpose (at least in this instance!) To me I can positively impact the lives of the babies and the parents I serve.

Yesterday, a parent came in and was overwhelmed with all that was going on with the baby; just the strain of her own lifes hurdles. So we talked and I shared my story with her. Her eyes were filled with tears as she let it all out and I felt so bad for her. I wished I could take her pain away. Later that day one of my other babies developed a fever. The family was in earlier so when they called to check on the baby I had to give the bad news. Again, I wished didn't have to. It is really hard to see the families go through such heartache and not be able to say, It's going to be okay."Sometimes we feel helpless also but we have to keep trying.

I guess there are nurse who feel like their job is business as usually but I find it very hard. These babies and families depend on us to help keep their hopes and dreams tangiable. I really just want people to know it hurt the medical staff when these babies get sick or in some cases sicker. I pray for good healthy and mental stability for every parent/baby I come in contact with. I have seen some great doctors and nurse over the years as well as some on the other end. Most parent can see exactly who is who in this field and don't have a problem calling it as they see it. The one mother had experienced a bad nurse, it is such a let down to the vast majority of us medical professionals.

I know my loss was not in vain. God give us the power to help encourage one another. My prayer is to be a blessing to every family member involved. I can imagine my son smiling down from heaven everytime a family in encouraged by his little story. Although I still cry about the loss of Little DJ, it bring me such joy to help some one else smile through their dark cloud. I really just want to be known as the Nurse who turly cares because I do.

To parents of sick babies,
1. Know that most staff do care. (even if it doesn't seem like it).
2. Know we root for the most ill children.
3. As a nurse we fight for appopriate interventions.
4. No we don't intentional make the babies sick for your insurance money or longer stays. (people do say that)
5. We like to see them get better and go home.
6. Be patient. alot of these sick babies would have died 10 years ago.
7. Sometime we don't extactly know the outcome, each situation is different.

And for those who think they can do a better job, GO FOR IT! You have my support, some of these sick babies I would not want to take home with me.

To my fellow nurses, keep a clear perspective. Be the best at what you do. If you don't know ask, seek help from your peers or even the internet if you are ashame to ask! Let's continue to pray for the whole world.


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What a great post, Keisha!

While I never would have imagined it, being Michelle's mom put me in a position to get to know countless nurses (and doctors), from the NICU to the present.

I must tell you that I can count on one hand -- in more than 10 years -- the number of nurses who weren't completely caring, dedicated, skilled, and loving. Michelle is usually put on the same wing at Children's Hospital (Boston) whenever hospitalized, so over the years some of the nurses have actually become CLOSE friends, who have seen me through a lot of stress and heartache with unbelievable support. And as Michelle's care grew more complicated, we always worked as quite a team.

So to me, you're in an incredibly admirable position and should be VERY proud of yourself, especially for turning your personal tragedy into the positive, caring help you give so many families.

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Thanks Ann,
I was not sure were this one was going but I had to put it out there. Sometimes we see so much and it's easier to turn away and try not to be affected. But that would make one unhuman. To be totally transparent it is also hard not to ask GOD why?! Even knowing that HIS will is perfect and HIS ways are not our ways. I settle it with nurses/doctors (and everyone in between) need jobs and parents need rain to enjoy the sunshine!


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