Deep down feeling im pregnant but neg results!!!!!!

Hi im 18 yrs old and been having all these pregnancy symptoms. I did the deed on 12/18/12 the last day of my period which i started on 12/14/12, I then ovulated on the 20th which is 2 days after my period.
My symptoms are-
back aches
my boobs are now heavy and im now have veins which i never had before
my nipples are darker and bigger
ive been very emotional too i never cry and now for the past week or soo thats all i want to do for stupid things plus i've been snapping at everyone
also my heads been hurting and i get these weird pulling sensations in my tummy.
ive tested 3 times and all are neg i pcos but i was pregnant last time but miscarried. i feel jst like i did last time. im already 6 days late and idk what to do.

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Hi jpena, in this case, I feel like you need to go to a doctor. It can be confusing when your body gives you all these different signals and you don't know what to believe. I really hope your doctor can help you out! Take care, Tiff.

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Hey again jpena, I was thinking about your sitation and browsing the web this morning. I think that if you're looking for quick advice on pregnancy or even need to ask a doctor a question for free, try out this website: Good luck!

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