could I be pregnant with iud?

I everyone ok so I had an iud inserted after I had my baby girl in june 2011. So I havent missed a period untill well now.i was suppost to get my period on nov 17. So I has some spotting on lik the 18 so I thought oh its coming soom but no. n my breast are really sore,im breaking out really bad on my back n my face. Which isnt normal for me. So yesturday I spotted again but that was it no period I took two pregnancy test and they came out negative.i called the dr n they said I should go in but since o live n lik the smallest town ever they only come on I been reading alot about getting pregnant with the iud in place n there are alot of women who have gotten pregnant with it in. omg im freaking out. Has this happened to anyone else. Oh I have 4 kids a girl who is 8 a boy who is 6 a girl who is 2almost 3 and a 1 1/2 yr old. N a puppy. Please answer. Could I b pregnant n still get negative pregnancy test?

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Hi, I was just wondering if you ended up pregnant or if it was just the Iud. I have had the same symptoms and I cant feel my strings now, I have asked on other websites but no one has replied yet. I hope everything turned out good for you.

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You can get pregnant with an iud, my 11 month old girl is proof. I hope you have seen a doctor and had everything figured out

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hi i was woundering if some one would help i am about 17 days late for my periods (they are due between 22- 25th of each month) and stared to worry so i took two HPT and both were neg on monday the 3rd , i went to the docs on friday and she gave me anti bocs for a small urine infection alltough since thrusday i have feeling nusea, sick tired and getting adomainal pain, mostly on my right side but some times i get it on left i keep thinking i am getting my period as the pain is been since tuesday the 4th i am now got the cold during the anitbocs but only on them for three days i am back at the docs tommra
Has any one got advice ???

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