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My preemies

  • By laniemae45 · New reply April 17, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • Hello everyone, my name is Melanie and I am a 24 year old mother of 3! My first son was born when I was 21 weeks pregnant due to an unexpected placental abruption. He was born 12/21/2008 at 14.7 ounces ...

29 weeker had pneumothorax now 9 months old with chest infection

  • By lauraemily · New reply April 14, 2014
  • 1 reply
  • My little lady was born at 29+4 and had a right sided pneumothorax. Shes now 9 months old and developes a cold this one has gone to her chest so I took her to the doctor. She spent ages listening to her ...

Water breaking at 22 weeks

  • By Selenacarey · New reply April 11, 2014
  • 2 replies
  • I just need to hear some good outcomes. My sister in law is 22 weeks preg. With twins, the one bag there is no water left in her bag, they other baby is great. Not sure what the dr.s can do if they can ...


  • By kaalynsmom · New reply March 19, 2014
  • 5 replies
  • Hi my name is Joy. I had preeclampsia and HELP syndrome. I delivered my baby on January 29th, 2014. She is currently 3 weeks and 3 days today. Doing well at the moment. I have no experience with this ...

MicroPreemie Still on Vent

  • By cyrusmom · New reply February 27, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Cyrus was born at 24 weeks on October 24th, 2013. He is now 12 weeks old, in the nicu, still on the vent at 100% oxygen. He is getting viagra for his heart, and nitric oxide. They tell mee every week ...

Feeling so scared and alone... Please help!

  • By God-gives-strength · New reply February 3, 2014
  • 8 replies
  • Hi, I am new to inspire... My little girl Gabriella is 8 months actual (5 and a half months adjusted) she was a 29 weeker (1.26kg/2lb7oz)with 11 weeks in NNICU. She had a tough time with lung issues ...

amazing turnaround after preparing to take our baby off life-support

  • By lisep · New reply February 1, 2014
  • 24 replies
  • Hi everyone, I just discovered this site. So nice to see all the discussions that I can relate to!! It's made me want to share our amazing (and hard) rollercoaster experience so far. I had pre-eclampsia ...

New mom

  • By Efink520 · New reply January 31, 2014
  • 15 replies
  • On 1/3/14 the world changed for my husband and I. For my first time I was pregnant, with twins - a boy and a girl! My due date was 4/14/14, so I was only 25 weeks pregnant. I was at work on 12/31/13 and ...

Baby #3, preemie #2 update

  • By JessicasMom16 · New reply January 26, 2014
  • 3 replies
  • Well my sweet little girl decided that yesterday would be a great day to join this world at 33 weeks gestation exactly. I had my first daughter full term in 2009, i had absent end diastolic flow with ...

Preemie with liver transplant

  • By twinsdaddy107 · New reply January 12, 2014
  • 3 replies
  • Hello... I am new to this forum. My wife gave birth to our twins 24 weekers over the summer. Just like all parents, it has really been a big roller coaster ride. We have one girl and one boy. The both ...

My little star Gia.

  • By Giamoon · New reply January 10, 2014
  • 1 reply
  • Hello everyone, im so glad i found this page... so glad to read all this stories and concerns that i can really relate... Im 32 yo from Dominican Republic, and on Dec 7th after a 33 week pregnancy i had ...

Baby Timothy (TJ)

  • By almosthr · New reply January 9, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • on December 31, 2013, I went in for a routine ultrasound and the nurse noticed thinning of the cervix. I was sent to a nearby hospital where I was checked and my cervix was dilated to 2.5 centimeters ...

New here: 23 week baby boy-sharing my story

  • By Heathurr_ · New reply January 4, 2014
  • 29 replies
  • I found out I was pregnant when I was almost 10 weeks along with my first baby. Everything was going great. Didn't have any kind of complications. At 16 weeks and 6 days I woke up at 4:30 am in a big ...

God's gift

  • By Testimonysmama · New reply January 3, 2014
  • 7 replies
  • My daughter Oreoluwa was born on the 03/07/13 at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound 5 ounces. After sending 180days we are on our way out glory be to God almighty for the strength and courage He has giving to ...

Introducing myself and my 29 weeker Hope!

  • By tinaandhope · New reply December 30, 2013
  • 4 replies
  • Hi my name is Tina. I am a 38 year old first time single mom to my 29 week &6 days baby girl Hope Corine. Yes I had the name picked out long before I ever knew she was a girl. She was due march 1st 2013 ...

Preemie twin not sitting up unaided at 17 months

  • By Vicky2807 · New reply December 27, 2013
  • 6 replies
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to this site I didn't know it existed until I was googling information about my twin girl who is not sitting up unaided yet and she is 17 months on 28th December. My girls were born ...

To breast feed or to not breast feed?

  • By Kaydencesmomma · New reply December 20, 2013
  • 10 replies
  • My first child was a 30 weeker born at 1 lb 11.5 oz. she stayed in the nicu for two months. She is not 16 months and I am 30 weeks 5 days pregnant with my second. I am trying to decide if I should breast ...

My 25wkr

  • By mojockeym · New reply December 17, 2013
  • 5 replies
  • My water broke at 24wks and my son was born a week later. We have in the NICU for 3months. He has severe bpd and has been on a ventilator this whoe time. He is doing well with his feeds and has no oter ...

New to preemies

  • By Tinamah · New reply December 17, 2013
  • 5 replies
  • I am a 40+ mother of 2 adults and 2 one year olds. It was an unplanned pregnancy that had unplanned problems(twin to twin transfusion syndrome). At 26 weeks baby B was in distress and both were delivered ...

feeding issues

  • By Devdatt · New reply December 6, 2013
  • 2 replies
  • Hi, My Son was born at 28 weeks at 1 pound 13 ounce. He was in the NICU for 121 days. He had surgeries for PDA ligation and bilateral inguinal hernia (both sides) during this period. He finally came home ...

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