wont eat

ok today jordin is having problem eating he ate 2oz at 10am then only 1 at 1pm he just wont eat seem really tired also, when try 2 make him eat he just holds his breath anyone experience this?

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Whenever my girls have a marked change in their habits, I call the pediatrician, just to get their read on the situation. I know we had some days when they ate better than others, but you may want to run it by your doc.

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thank u.

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Has he had problems eating before? Have you consulted an OT who specializes in eating behaviors? Preemies often can get tired of sucking b/c they have weak cheek muscles. A good OT can evaluate his suck patterns to seek if you should be employing techniques to provide jaw support.

If this is a persistent pattern, then I would call the pediatrician to cover your bases.

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My experience was similar with my son, but he was still hospitalized. He started to refuse to eat and hold his breath because with him getting bigger we had to increase his feeds, and with the increase of his feeds he had an increase in reflux. We knew he had reflux but this is when it started to get bad. The reason for his clenching his breath was that the reflux would come up and to protect his airway, which is so close to the esophagus, he would hold his breath. Not sure if this will help u but I can remember how scared I was when it happened. Definately discuss it with ur pediatrician before it effects his weight.

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