why does my son smell like vinegar?

i have noticed in the last few days that my son smells like vinegar. anyone else experience this?

we bathe him daily but he still smells like it. mostly on his hands. we clean his neck rolls often. he has been very fussy, drooling alot, loose stools, chewing on his hands and paci more.

he dose not have a fever. have not changed formulas. he is eating normal.

any help would be great.

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I would call your son's pediatrician and ask about it. I know there are medical conditions that can make people smell of maple syrup. (Sort of the way Fenugreek for breastmilk production makes the mom smell of maple syrup.) I seem to recall something about a vinegar smell and something to do with the liver? Of course, you mentioned his neck rolls, and if they aren't getting cleaned and dried completely, that could cause a vinegar smell.

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My son smells like it more too. I bathe him everyday too. But he sweats a lot and has stinky feet. Hope you figure it out.

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I know what we eat plays a part in how we smell- we metabolize and then shed waste through our skin, urine, stool etc. I know that sweat generally doesn't smell but he bacteria that interact with it do. Vinegar is basically a broken down sugar or sugar gone bad so it could be that. Also, you may not be using a soap that really cleans away enough of the bacteria living on your baby's skin. Just wiping with warm water the hidden creases around the neck won't do anything to remove bacteria- same with the feet which sweat A LOT! Good luck.

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We took care of a baby who had a vinegary smell in her hair. Turned out that it was cradle cap. Once we found the right products for her and got rid of the cradle cap (via baby oil), the smell went away.

Hope you find a solution.

Best wishes.

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Just a quick thought... is your son on any meds? I've heard of certain ones causing children to have a certain "smell".

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