What is the average weight for a 3 month old preemie?

Hi my name is Jennie and I'm new here. My daughter was born at 33 weeks weighing at 3 pds 6.9 ounces 17 inches long. She is now 3 months old and weights 11 pds 2 ounces. Is that about average weight for her ?

Also my next question when she eats in the middle of her drinking she would start wheezing only when she eats so I'd burp her and she would stop. I don't know what could make her do that is anyone else dealing with this as well ?

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For preemies, the birth age is not a useful indicator for how well the child is doing. Adjust, adjust, adjust the child's age, meaning that you should think of your child by age using "due date" as 0 days. A three month old who was born 7 weeks early is more like a 1.5 month old.

For weight charts for preemies, see: http://www.medcalc.com/growth/

If you have concerns about wheezing, definitely ask the ped. It may be that she simply needs to be burped every couple minutes.

Best wishes.

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Ok thank you, and about the wheezing I've already told my ped and he hasn't really said anything about it besides listening to her stomach then her back and he doesn't say anything afterwards so I don't think it's concerning. But thank you. And she was suppose to be born on August 14th. But born on July 2nd :)

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Are you worried she is not gaining enough, she seems to be. Our little one was born June 19, was suppose to be born August 12, She weight 4 lbs at birth, on due date she weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces. That would have been 2months. At four months she weighted 9lbs, 8 oz., we must not have gone into doctors at 3months. So your little one sounds like they are doing well. But it depends on many things, like boy or girl, if they were sick in NICU or not, our little one had CPAP for 12 hours and jaundice for weeks and weeks but that is all, and she was allowed home after just 10 days, never even going back to birth weight, she came home 3lbs, 8 oz. Little ones with breathing problems gain slower due to how much energy they put out just to breath.

The wheezing is probably not in her lungs, it is probably in her throat, she may not know how to cough and clear it yet and milk can get into the back of the throat and make a wheezing sound. If the dr knows and checked her lungs she is okay, just let her burp or rest for a few minutes if it bothers you, she probably does not even know she needs to cough.

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She may be aspirating her milk, does she have a history of poor swallowing? Do you feed her thickened liquids or plain BM or formula? You can have your pediatrician refer you to a speech and swallow therapist to see what exactly is going on in her throat.

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Gilsmt - no im not concerned that she isn't gaining enough weight, I was just curious if I'm on the right track, but thank you about the wheezing, it makes a lot of sense. Thank you :)

Keyferrow - no she doesn't have a swallowing problem. She's been eating great. And she has been eating the neosure similac expert care formula.

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Coralynn was a little over 8lbs at 4months at her 1 yr she was just under 18. As long as your little one is showing growth it is GREAT!

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My baby just turned 3 months (actual) and she weighs 8 lbs 1 oz. She was born at 31 weeks 5 days and weighed 3lbs 2 oz.

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My little boy was born 9/1/12 6 weeks early. He weighed 5lb 5oz at birth and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. We went in on Friday for a well baby check up at 6 weeks (actual) and weighed 8lb 7oz. Every baby is different as long as they are gaining is what's important.

My son still has trouble sometimes and coughs when he's eating. It's like he's trying to breath when he is swallowing. He sometimes sounds like he's wheezing.

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My 27 week girl Imani was born on June 30th 2012 at 2lbs 2oz, Due date Oct 2nd. She's 3 months and 20 days old. We just came back from the pediatrician (she had her first cold last week, and has this occasional wheezing sound, but the Dr wasn't worried about it) and she weighs 9lbs 10oz now. Shes exclusively breastfed.

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Is this your first? Babies do that when they eat a lot. Til they burp. My first did it all the time, we learned it was from having air bubbles in the tummy :)
Her weight sounds great! Remember, as long as she is eating lots, pooping and peeing, chances are you are doing everything right and she is perfectly healthy :)

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The rare times we are in public places, people have commented that Eli is small. He was born at 32 weeks. He is 4 months now, 2 adjusted and he weighs 12lbs 2 oz. The child development center told us he was in the 50 percentile with growth but communicating on a 4 month old baby scale. She insists we go by his adjusted age to track his growth and improvements. I just wish I could find a pediatrician's office that would do the same thing.

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