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I gave birth in August to a 31.5 weeker. I found out after having some trouble at 25 weeks that I have a Unicornuate Uterus which means I have only half of a uterus. I was placed on bed rest and started having my cervix measured weekly which was shorting. At 31.4 weeks, my water broke and the next day my daughter was born. Just curious if anyone else has this same uterine abnormality and what your stories are. My husband and I are also unsure of having another as I will be on bed rest majority of pregnancy and will probably have another preemie. Has any with a unicornuate uterus had more than one pregnancy?

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I have a pretty severe bi-cornate uterus. I know they are different but I was once told I would never have children. Then a specialist told me I would but would probably have several miscarriages. I delivered my 1st at 35 weeks with no sig issues. I was then told to do the next right away so my uterus would be stretchy...or something like that. Well we did and I then began having trouble at 18 weeks. Apparently the first had put so much pressure on my cervix that I now had developed an incompetint cervix and was placed on bedrest...I delivered at 29 weeks. I cant help but wonder had I waited a little longer if that wouldn't have happened or If it would have happened anyway. There is no way to predict what our bodies will do despite doctors best guesses or recomendations. I look back now tho with 2 little ones 18 mos apart and laughingly wish for some bed rest!

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Thanks for your comment. I was told that if I did decide to have another baby, that I need to wait 18 months so that the scar on the uterus can heal beings I did have a c-section. I just haven't decided if I want to go through it again. I was told that I could go even earlier which is scary.

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My dd was a 30wkr due to my bicornuate uterus. I jokingly said she had an "efficiency womb" and couldn't wait to get out and stretch. I was bleeding the entire time and went on bed rest at 17 weeks. I understand your concerns and fears. I have wrestled with the very same question. I lost twins at 8weeks about 7 yrs ago and no one ever said anything about a bicornuate uterus. However, they spotted it immediately on my first ultrasound with this pregnancy. I know there is corrective surgery for bicornuate, but then you risk scar tissue. Normally the uterus does stretch more easily for subsequent pregnancies so it stands to reason that you might be able to carry the next pregnancy longer. My dd is just now 16months old and I don't want her to be alone in the world. I would love for her to have a sibling, but I just don't know if I can go through it again. I don't know if it is fair to attempt again...is it fair to get pregnant knowing that you most likely will have another preemie? I have been soooooooo lucky with my dd. She has had no significant health problems related to her prematurity except for some GI and growth problems, but that is so minimal compared to what we could have been dealing with. It feels like I shouldn't push my luck so to speak. I wish I could give you some sound guidance. One question I will ask you is were there other significant factors affecting you during your last pregnancy?? I also developed hypertension and gestation diabetes. I was under an enormous amount of stress during this pregnancy. So I comfort myself in realizing that if I do try again, I won't have those same stress factors in my life and so maybe I will be able to carry the baby longer. Also, if you haven't already, I would have some testing done to confirm the unicornuate uterus. One of my friends (also a mom to a 30wkr) was told by a new OB/GYN over 2 years after having her dd, that she has a bicornuate uterus. This doctor sent her for testing to confirm, some sort of dye they shoot into your uterus and tubes, and that test showed that she did NOT have it after all. At any rate, just my thoughts on the matter. I'm in the beginning stages of contemplating another pregnancy. I still feel like I have preemie parent "shell shock" at times. Sometimes I will look back at her pics and just start crying. I found a book that I haven't had a chance to read yet, but it sounds helpful. Preemie Parents, Recovering from Baby's Premature Birth by Lisa McDermott-Perez. Maybe it will provide some enlightenment. Good luck to you.

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Thanks for your insight. The docs have confirmed a Unicornuate Uterus. They confirmed it when they did my c-section. In fact, I do have the other horn of my uterus but it didn't do anything past forming so it is still the size it was when it formed inutero. It is so rare, that I lay on the operating table all opened up while they scrambled to find a digital camera to take pictures of my uterus. I did not have any other problems with my pregnancy other than the preterm labor and shortening due to the uterus. I do have to have the test done that you are talking about as they want to see if the other horn is a communicating horn. If it is, then I would need to have surgery to have that side removed, as the risk of an etopic pregnancy is high if we leave it. I was also told that a lot of people that have a Unicornuate Uterus also only have 1 kidney and their urinary tract isn't fully formed. I will be doing some dye testing on that as well. My daughter has done extremely well for being early but I question if I would get that lucky the 2nd time and then have the guilt of that. I felt really guilt with her but I didn't know about it when I got pregnant. This time, I would go into the pregnancy knowing that there is a very high chance of another preemie. Good luck to you as well.

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Hi, at my first OB appointment when I found out I was pregnant, I also found out I had a uterine septum. My uterus was divided in half by a very thick wall of tissue. I only ended up carrying Zackary to 24 weeks, because the septum didn't allow him any room or allow my uterus to stretch. I have since had two surgeries to remove the septum, because I was terrified of conceiving again and having another preemie. Usually women with a septum don't conceive, or if they do, they usually miscarry. Now that I have had most of the septum removed, my hubby and I are trying again. I am terrified though. I have never found anybody who has had the condition I did, so I don't know if it's possible to conceive again after the surgery. I had an emergency c-section with Zackary, and my OB/GYN said that IF I get pregnant again, I'll have to have another c-section at about 34 weeks (if I make it that far.) Part of me wants to try again to try to experience a longer pregnancy. But part of me feels selfish for basically "choosing" to have another preemie. Zackary is a perfectly healthy little 2 year old now, in fact you would never even know he started out at only 1lb 13oz! But I spent 3 months in the NICU, and I saw a lot of other babies that weren't as healthy, so I know what we could be in for. I know that none of this helps you with your situation, but I just thought I would share, so that you know you're not alone in your fears.


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Thanks for sharing your story Lisa! Hopefully you and your hubby will have luck conceiving another child and it will be a healthy baby. I also am worried about my ability to conceive. From what I have read about a Unicornuate Uterus, infertility seems to be a problem. We got pregnant the first time after only trying for 3 months. If we do decide to have another, I hope it happens just as easy. Again thanks for sharing. At least I know I am not the only one with these feelings!


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Kandis - Have I seen you on the Yahoo boards as well ? I think so... so I apologize if this is a repeat - but I also have a UU and IC - and I went 31 weeks 2 days. I was on bedrest as of week 14 due to other complications - and then IC began somewhere around week 18 - but it was unclear until it was too late for a cerclage. I went into the hospital at week 23 and stayed until I delivered. I have met on different boards many other cases of UU - either they have no problems and go full term - or they seem to deliver around 31 weeks.

I have met with our OB, Peri and Infertility doctor for a follow-up consult regarding another pregnancy. My very conservative Peri was actually encouraging - the whole uterus stretching thing, as well as being able to be even more proactive with a cerclage and monitoring. My very conservative OB felt that even with a cerclage I will only get to 31 weeks... he had recently a woman with UU and both her first and second pregnancy went to 31 weeks despite having a cerclage with the second.

I'm very torn about going through a rough pregnancy again - and "tempting the fates" as it seems. It will be harder with a toddler - and we just moved to another state and I have to find all new Drs.... but ultimately we want our son to have a sibling.

Please keep in touch and let me know what you have heard from other cases. Wishing you the best of luck for another pregnancy!


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I have not been on any other message boards so I have not talked to you before. If you do know of other message boards regarding this, please let me know. Thanks for sharing your story with me. I have met with my high risk OB and he has told me that he would mot recommend a cerclage. He said that it is not a cervix problem but a uterus problem and that even with a cerclage, my cervix would still shorten as the uterus would still put the pressure on the cervix to cause it to shorten and that my water would still break. He was very encouraging about another pregnancy if I did want one which I do. He said that there are no guarantees in medicine but that at least this time around they would know what they were up against to watch it very closely instead of just starting to watch it closely at 25 weeks which is where I made it the first pregnancy before having any problems at all.

Good luck to you on another pregancy as well.

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Kandis -
There is the Unicornuate Uterus board on Yahoo Groups (and a Mullerian Anomoly one as well). I also have met quite a few UUers on IVF Connections. That is interesting that your OB would not recommend a cerclage... are they thinking that you did not have an incompetent cervix? I definitely had one... funneling and all. The last two weeks I had no cervix left... so we knew the pregnancy was not going to go much further. Also, did you feel your contractions? I did not feel it when I went into labor, I was fortunately being monitored at the time (my water started leaking the day before). But I do see what he's saying about the pressure on the cervix in our situation and the possibility of the cerclage not being able to do it's job. I find it so interesting that we all seem to get to 30-31 weeks. My son was 3 lbs 7 oz, so very similar to your daughter. I guess that's exactly half of an "average" baby... and we have half a uterus.

Were you able to get pregnant naturally? That's terrific. We have to do IVF (I also have polycystic ovaries) - the saving grace was that we decided to play it safe and only transfer one embryo.... this was before we knew what a troubled pregnancy it would be.

Maybe I will see you on the other boards as well... there are quite a few of us out there! Best of luck for the future!


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I am going to check out the yahoo board.

I did end up with an imcompetent cervix in my pregancy. At week 25, I was already shortened to 2 1/2 cm. I felt the contractions but the monitor wouldn't pick any up. My water had broke the day before and so I was in the hospital. I started feeling what I thought were contractions at about 5:00 a.m. the next day. I told the nurse, she hooked me up to the monitor and I was then monitored for 3 hours. Not once did a contraction show up. They kept moving the position of the probe and still nothing. I was feeling lots of pressure and the contractions kept getting worse. I kept telling the nurse that if these aren't contractions that I am having, I don't want to have any contractions as these hurt. My ob came in around 8:00 a.m. and read the monitor print out for the past 3 hours and also said that there were no contractions. She was getting ready to leave to write orders for some pain meds for me to take to just relax when I had another contraction. She decided to go ahead and check me as she could tell by the look on my face that I was in a lot of pain. When she checked me, I was already dilated to a 4 with a leg presenting. It was then panic in the room. I was not at the high level NICU and they had done an ultrasound that morning and they thought that she was going to weigh less than 2 pounds so it wouldn't of taken much for me to deliver. I was immediately given medicine to stop the contractions, laid flat and an ambulance called to transfer me to the other hospital that has the high level NICU. She was then born via c-section at 9:36 a.m. as she was breech.

We did concieve naturally. It only took us three months of trying to get pregnant so I am hoping that I will have the same luck the next time around if we do decide to have another. I hope the IVF works just as well the time around for you if you decide to do it again.

Thanks for sharing all your info with me. My docs don't have any other patients with this issue and so it is nice to get other prespectives as well. My docs have called other collegues that do have patients with a UU so they do know what to do.

Thanks again!

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Hi. I am new to message boards but hope to gain help and support in my desire to start a family. I have been diagnosed through an MRI as having an unicornuate uterus. I just went for bloodwork today to begin taking letrozole for 2 cycles. I am fully aware of the various risk to a pregnancy but have heard too many success stories to not try myself. The hard part for us is conceiving. Has anyone else had that problem w/ an unicornuate uterus? And if so, what fertility methods worked for you?

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FINALLY!! A person on my boat. I also have a UU and was only diagnosed at my DD's c-section. She was presented breech at 35 weeks. I knew all along I had one kidney but had no clue about the UU until I delievered. I am now pregnant with miracle # 2 and am seeing a specialist on the 21st at a Boston hospital. When I last met with him in his years of dealing with uterine anomalities he has only seen a UU case three times- making me the 4th. I know I have weekly ultrasouds scheduled. I am gald to offer up my findings on here. I know most of us had 1 child already but now there is someone going through the process of 2! I concieved naturally both time and am hoping for another successful pregnancy. DD had alot of trouble after birth inuterine retardiation etc. She had airway surgery a 4 months. This Dr. assured me no longer than 35 weeks this time- so we shall see!

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I have a septate uterus--one of the longest and thickest my father (a high risk OB) has ever seen. It is nearly complete, which means I have two distinct horns to my uterus. The hospital I was seen in for my pg actually use my pics for research and talks throughout the country! Anyway, I had a lot of complications throughout my whole pg--I had a hemorrhage at 6 weeks gestation, which came from the empty horn of my uterus but affected the membranes. I delivered at 34 weeks following PPROM at 33 weeks.

My medical group did not indicate surgery for the septum as the risk of scar tissue could be worse than the septate itself and I was told there was no good science supporting surgery to improve outcome. However, given that it is a fairly rare condition, there aren't any good studies out there to prove otherwise, either. During my PG, I found a bulletin board of women with my issue on Babyfit.com. There is a mommy team called bicornuate uterus and it was a lifeline for me during my pg. I encourage everyone to check it out--it has quite a few women with very successful outcomes on there.

I am pretty passionate about sharing my story because I found so few resources when I was pg.

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I got pregnant naturally (on the pill). I had an uneventful pregnancy followed by an uneventful vaginal delivery (34 weeks). My dd weighed 6lbs 4oz and was perfectly healthy, but the doctors could not explain the reason for her early delivery. 8 years later (while trying for baby #2) I have been diagnosed with UU. We will do whatever we can including assisted reproduction, if necessary, to give our daughter a sibling. I have the left fallopian tube, left half of the uterus, two ovaries, and two kidneys ( in the right place). I'm not sure if there is a rudimentary horn, but should there be, I will have it removed.

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After trying for ever, I fell pregnant but then miscarried at 9 weeks in Dec 08. Through a U/S an abnormality was detected in my U, I went in for my D & C & a laparoscopy to remove a cyst & investigate my U. Dr confirmed, D & C complete, cyst removed, also had endometriosis oh & a UU (what the??), had never heard of it before. Boy did it feel like the tears continued on for ever....

All through the years I suffered from chronic period pain whereby I could hardly walk, along with every other symptom you can get, after the op it confirmed this was the reason why but it then worsened; pain was there daily, becoming worse near ovulation then causing me to faint near period time. In Feb, I was scheduled to have the left non communicating side plus tube, removed. In May 08 I fell pregnant again, and then miscarried at 8 weeks with continuous complications; it just felt like things were never going to go right.

In Oct I fell pregnant again and have again complications including bleeding from week 6 & still now but so far the baby is still growing and all is going okay (fingers crossed). My OB is confident the baby will be fine this time so we’ve been talking about delivery time, that I am at risk of a breech baby or 20% chance of not reaching full term. I am not very tall (4.10 feet) to be exact so already have a short torso and a UU so with the small structure & only half a uterus I’m scared and really want to know if there are others out there that have a similar structure to me with a UU and how far along they were able to reach in there pregnancy or if there were any complications?

My Dr thinks 36 – 38 weeks but reading some of these posts could I have the room to go that far along?

Many Thanks
Little Miss

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I also have a UU. I had alot of trouble, but now have two healthy children. I think the key is to prepare yourself for the worst - you may have multiple miscarriages but if you can come to grips with that and realize that its all a part of it, you'll be ok. I fought for my pregnancies and it paid off. Both of my pregnancies went to term and I did everything the doctors said. It was well worth it! Its scary to go through with another pregnancy knowing the risks but so worth it!

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I know your post was from a while ago, and wondering if any of you have had a second pregnancy, in particular after csection?
I had a 38 week pregnancy with my first child and no problems until week 33 when lost the mucus plug and then contractions and needing to be monitored (and many shots to stop contractions.) Then went into labor before scheduled csection (since she was breech) and found out was unicornuate. She was great and healthy and carried to term so I never thought of it until this pregnancy.
I am now about 5 weeks preg and having a little more cramping and nervous if I am at risk of all the complications others have listed, despite a very successful first pregnancy. Are there higher risks with subsequent pregnancies after csection with unicornuate uterus? Any thoughts out there?

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I'm sorry I'm not able to personally give you any advise regarding risks after a C section as I am still at 19 weeks and waiting to see how far I will go with this pregnancy. But I have been told by others with a UC uterus that they didn't have any issues after a C section and have gone on having 2 or 3 children.

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy!

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what about the current growth & development of your babies everyone? i also have a unicornuate uterus. I was diagnosed during the c-section delivery of my son in November 2008. My whole pregnancy was full of ups and downs, ultrasounds showing inconsistencies with my son's growth, but the dr's had me thinking it was something wrong with my baby instead of something wrong with my uterus! Who would have thought I'd be thanking god for my problem after all, just happy my baby was fine. he was born at 36 weeks 5 days, 4 pounds 13 oz, 17 inches long. He went home when i did, and has been reasonably healthy, but has always struggled with eating, appetite, weight gain. He is now 17 months today (16 months adjusted) and just under 20 pounds. I always worry about his growth and slow weight gain, and wonder if it is something he would have struggled with anyway or if the whole unicornuate uterus restricted his growth & predisposed him to be a smaller person? Does anyone else have a similar story? how big were your babys at birth & currently? I also really want another baby but am scared to have another small baby, and would like to find out as much info as possible. any input appreciated!

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I have a UU which was discovered while TTC a few years back. After 3 miscarriages and 3 IUI's I got pregnant! My infertility issues included UU with one horn, and PCOS.
I have a 23 month old daughter which was born via emergency C-Section due to low amniotic fluid and breech presentation at 36 weeks. I had gestational diabetes which was unrelated to UU and was being monitored very closely throughout my pregnancy.

My daughter was 5 lb. 2oz. at birth. She was in the NICU for 7 days because she had feeding issues. She has always been a bit small, but her pediatrician assures me that she is normal in size, just petite (I'm 5'1" tall and her dad is 5'7"). At 21 months she was 21 lb. 4oz and was 32 1/4" tall. I have always been very concerned about her appetite. She's such a picky eater and does not eat much. My DD is super smart with a very expanded bilingual vocabulary and has always reached her milestones on or before time.

My husband and I were able to conceive naturally and I'm now 34 weeks pregnant. It was a big surprise since it took us over 10 years to conceive our first child successfully. I had minor spotting during my first trimester and period like cramps up to apx. 20 weeks. I have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy just as I did with my DD which is unrelated to UU. My OB thinks that I probably will not reach 40 weeks, but I'm optimistic and hoping I get to 38 weeks. My dr scheduled a sonogram for next week to make sure the baby is growing and to make sure everything is ok. I feel like this baby is a bit larger than my DD but we'll see when she's born.

For all those UU ladies who have had a previous C-section; it's possible to have another baby, there are possible complications but I think it's 100% worth it.
This baby will also be born via c-section to avoid any problems during birth.

It's so nice to hear stories of women with UU, it helps to know that you are not alone out there. :)

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