Undescended testicles!!!!

I took my sunny boy to his neo, coz his pedi spotted a lump in the left side of his groin. He thought it could be hernia, but it turned out to be an half descended testicle. His neo said he wouldn't worry coz it will correct itself within 6 to 9 months of age. So we will wait and see.
Now the next problem is, 3 of my family members are down with flu, including my 3 year old. I just could not keep her away from her little brother. He also started sneezing. He sounds like his nose is contested.
Doc gave me nasal saline, and if that doesn't work asked me to use iliadin nose drops.
He is ok during the day, feeds well, plays well and sleeps well.
But during the early morning, he cries and finds it somewhat uneasy to feed. I can hear the snorting sound when he breaths. I try to suck the goop, but nothing comes out. Nose is clear from the outside.
I feel it's the post nasal drip? He takes a breath, swallows and cries as if it is uncomfy to swallow. Everything is just for a while, after few mins he is ok.
Has he also caught cold? Idk,
His doc said his lungs are clear, babies can be noisy sometimes and not to worry.

Any advice dear mommies? Should I take him to the doc?
The main issue is I have to travel in 10 days.. I am very very scared.. :-(

FYI, he is 32.5 weeker, now 3 months actual and 1+months adjusted.

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Well, let's say this... if he has caught the cold he should start feeling better by the time you travel! (usually 7-10 days)
I have also found the first couple of days my kids seem like their passages are swollen... the goop starts a few days in!
Wonder if he also has a slight sore throat? You probable just need to wait it out a few days and see how it progresses. The doc isn't going to be able to do anything about a cold. If it gets worse (or a lot more crying in pain?)... or a tempt starts... I would definitely call.

Hehehe - I almost didn't read your post because of the title and I had no advice to offer his testicles. LOL

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I'm sorry to hear about your DS's cold. Our LO was and is still on 50% breast milk when he caught a cold. The doctor said there was nothing to do but wait. He started snoring, laboring to breathe, went down about 20% on daily milk consumption, and right before completely clearing up, had a very hoarse voice for about 10 days. It lasted over three weeks (about 23 days) . I'd take him into the bathroom, close the door, and have the shower running with very warm water to get the room steamy. About 20 mins of that, followed by an attempt at aspirating his nose. The aspirating was so upsetting that I'd often just give him the dose of steam, which seemed to help. The trouble with his bottle probably started b/c he had a hard time breathing with his congested nose. He'd huff and puff on his bottle, but that resolved when his cold and congestion passed. His weight gain did slow, and his sleep was also disrupted for the duration of his cold. The doc said that since he was on half breast milk, he might have had a single, or a series of colds but only a minor version since he was getting antibodies through my milk. The child he caught the initial cold from had congestion all the way into her lungs. The doc said only to bring DS back if his congestion reached his chest. He never had a fever. We just let him rest when he was tired, tried to aspirate his nose daily, and just watched him until his breathing cleared and he started eating more again.

The docs and nurse practitioners would regularly give my DS a squeeze to make sure the testicles had descended. I'm surprised that this wasn't caught earlier. It's great that there's nor hernia to repair, and it's also good that you didn't try pushing the protrusion back through the hole came out of (whew!). Hope your DS feels better soon.

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My son was congested for a long time after birth. It seemed worse sometimes than others. I used saline drops and a nose fredia it work amazingly.

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Lols Lols .... Words jumped out even before I think. Too many things going in my mind, I do no
which one to say first, hence the misleading title :P
Well, he is doing ok now. The thing is even after using saline drops, i don't get any goop.
But only hear as if he is having deep inside. As of now he didn't develop any fever. Great.
Tomoro am taking both of them to the pedi for flu shots give before traveling
I might need u mommies support even more, coz am going to my in-laws to stay for a while( which can be weeks
to months :-( )
For those who wondering, long story short, I live in a different country than my native,
My parents have come down to help me with delivery and baby. But they couldn't get visa approved for more
than 90 days to stay at a time. So they have to go back. So, I have no choice but to go to my in-laws.
I am just hoping everything will go well.

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Good luck at your in-laws, I know how stressful that can be!! I have great in-laws now, but the first time around OMG, awful!! I couldn't have been paid enough to stay with them for even a day. ((((HUGS))))

As for the testicle, my son's didn't descend until he was almost a year, it happens and usually they come down on their own.

I hope that everyone is feeling OK and the travel goes well!! No sickness!!

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My DS is on 100% breastmilk. May be because of that his conjestion didn't go beyond that?
He is exactly 3 months today. My first born ( 37 weeker ) got her first cold around this time only.
I also wonder is this anything to do with silent reflux?. I donno the symptoms.
His testicles are almost there. Yeah his doc has asked us tobe gentle in that place. No pressure or pushing,
Coz they easily get bruised .

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