Taking out G-tube question

My Daughter is going to get her Mickey out soon. Her GI wants to wait a bit just to make sure that she continues to eat the necessary calories.

What happened when they took yours out?

Did you need to have surgery? My doctor says they will just pull it out. He says in some cases they need to go in to close up the hole up. I am a bit worried about having to put her through another invasive procedure.


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We took my daughter's out at home... well, my husband did, I wanted to do it but lost the stomach when it didn't easily pop out. It closed up very quickly, I put a gauze over it for a few days, the tip of it scabbed for a few months, and that was that.

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My daughter has been home since October and they are talking about putting a G tube in since she wont gain weight on her own..... I am worry about that surgery. How do you feel over all about the G tube? Im so stressing over it. I dont want her hurt anymore shes been through so much already. Sorry to ask a question on your question...

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My son had his for 10mo (from 11-21mo of age). We took his out at home. It was a bit complicated though. He had the bard style tube until that 10th month when we had it replaced with a mickey (replaced the same time he had an endoscopy). We got it replaced b/c we had problems with the bard leaking. Plus, we weren't using it, so it seemed silly to have the bard leak when we weren't even using it. We never imagined that the mickey would leak worse. It was terrible... so bad that we worried about dehydration (he went through several changes of clothes a day). After attempting to remove the mickey for periods of time hoping the hole would close up some for a "better fit," we finally convinced the dr to let us just remove it. At first we covered the hole w/ a 4x4 gauze covered in Calmoseptine cream (any barrier cream would work). It took several days to close up, but it was aggravated by a cough... amazing how much force comes out of our abdomen when we cough! Eventually, we were just able to use a bandaid. I believe we had an appt about a wk out from removing it just so the NP could check on its progress.

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That is exciting news about your LO getting her Gtube out. We are getting very close to taking Amaris' out. She eats just about everything by mouth and can eat up to 12 oz in one feed.

One question is what protocol in terms of calories and volume did your GI give as parameters for taking the Gtube out? Amaris is 20 months and I asked the GI these same questions and she said she didn't know.

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@chandlerloveshergirl, I just want to say yay for you all! That's got to be so exciting to have it come out. I don't honestly know about taking it out, because my daughter just had hers put in about 6 weeks ago, but I think I read on Liz Mccarthy's blogspot that 50% heal on their own. Anyway, you should definitely check her out! She even has pictures of what it looks like! I just love her, in case you didn't know! And again, soo happy for you, and good luck!

@Naydias_Mommy, I have mixed feelings about the g tube, you know? Like it's a blessing and a curse. I will explain. Quick back story, my daughter does something called silent aspiration, where if she inhales while eating, she doesn't cue you in to the fact, so you could be drowning her and not even know it, so it's dangerous for her to eat by mouth. It's also dangerous for her to vomit, so we did also get a fundoplication. Ok, so with that being said, I LIKE the g tube because I don't have to worry about whether or not she is getting enough to eat. Also, the continuous feed that runs overnight is the greatest because she doesn't wake up at night from hunger! That's right, I get two uninterrupted 4 hour stretches of sleep at night! (I do have to get up at the 4 hour mark to put more food in the bag; I'll take it!) Another pro is I don't have to give meds (especially iron!) by mouth, so again, I don't worry about whether she got her medicine or vitamins.
And now, the cons. First, it's surgery. :( Second, it's unsightly. Yes, I AM vain. Alot of people don't know what to think about it. This ties in with my vanity, but I'm pretty sure it leaves a scar. I know a woman who had one as an older child and her scar honestly looks like a second belly button. Maybe our kids will be a little better off since they're younger, but of course I worry. Another con is that it is an absolute pain to feed heer in public. Yes, the pump is portable, but not nearly as easy as a bottle. And my biggest pet peeve: when the tube coming from the bag and the tube coming from my baby become disconnected. Milk drips all over me or the bed or the floor and she loses out on that food.
Obviously, no parent thinks, "Gosh, I sure hope my child needs a g tube to eat," but it's really not a death sentence. Good luck to you.

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