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I had twins in May who were born at 32 weeks 2 days. They came home from the hospital after 5 weeks and have been doing well. They began receiving the Synagis shots in November.
Since that time they have had bronciolitis twice, ear infections, and now croup. I have looked up the side effects and I know these can happen from the shot but I can't find any information about how soon these would occur after the shots. I am really grasping at straws here but am desperate to find out why my babies keep getting sick. If there is any chance it is from the shots, I am going to discontinue them. Does anyone know ? It probably isn't related as the shots were in the beginning of each month and the illnesses came at the end of the past two months. Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Are your kids in daycare? Do you take them out in public (e.g., store, mall, church)? Have you had family gatherings? Any of those events will assuredly bring babies in contact with viruses.

A common cause of ear infections is being allergic/sensitive to cow's milk. That's probably a more likely cause than the Synagis shot. Are they on a cow's milk product? If on breast milk, are you drinking/eating any dairy?

I haven't looked up the side effects of Synagis in awhile. Have you checked out the side effects listed for the product yet?

Best wishes.

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The synagis shot is very safe and prevention of RSV is VERY important. My son got RSV (a mild case because he had the synagis) and was still put on the vent, rehospitalized for 3 weeks and then came home on higher O2 than before. It's a nasty bug for babies. The babies are probably just getting sick due to immature immune systems.

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We had trouble with synagis too! Zoey (24 weeker) ended up with vomiting & a fever after the 1st vaccination, and then pneumonia out of nowhere. She had never thrown up before.
They did the 2nd shot & same thing - super lathargic, vomiting, not eating, fever. They ruled it as an allergic reaction.

She no longer gets the RSV vaccination, so we are careful about being in public during winter months, and use good hand & equipment washing, etc.

Has not had a major illness since. She's 2 1/2 yrs now.

It could be an immature immune system, like AstraTara said, but if you have any concerns about side-effects I would tell your doctors.

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My daughter was born at 33 weeks...spent a month and a half in the NICU (got NEC), and we got that shot before we left. We did not have any problems from it......but I am sure it's possible. I hate all of these shots they need, they all make me very nervous.

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We did not have any problems with Synagis either, but I would certainly bring it up to your doctor. He or she would be able to tell you if what you are experiencing is possible sides effects and, if not, possibly how to avoid (or lesson) the illnesses your little ones are experiencing.

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Thanks everyone. My babies are bottle fed with formula only. They have bronciolitis twice in the past 5 weeks. They were both in the ER for wheezing and one of my boys was brought there by ambulance.

We do have a large family but we do not allow anyone over who even has a sniffle. We have only had one family gathering since this started. I do have two older children in preschool and I have definitely worried that illness could be coming from there. We are very diligent handwashers also.

We have not been bringing the babies anywhere for the past few weeks, except of course, the doctor when they have been sick. I agree that the RSV shot is so important. Its just that it has been so hard to hear my boys breathing so poorly with the wheezing.

An odd thing is I was reading more about RSV and it seems that if a child has RSV it can cause several other illnesses including ear infections, croup, and bronciolitis. It is all so confusing! My first two children were full term and healthy. I am definitely navigating in uncharted waters! Thank you for all of your advice!

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I had a 25weeker and shes getting her third shot next week, but every time she gets the shot she gets a cold, very congested and doesn't sleep well for 3days. She does go through growth spurts when she has them though because she does nothing but eat to make herself feel better. Shes now 10lbs and was born at 1lb15.

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