Does ANYONE have experience with "Sunset Eyes", not realted to hydrocephalus?

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OMG, your pic is adorable! The expression on your daughter's face is priceless!

What are sunset eyes?

Report post The doctors often refer to "sunset eyes" when the baby's eyes are forced downward so that there is a strip of white showing above the colored part. The eye ball is not centered but downward. It is usually caused by fluid pressure inside the head.

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I have never heard of sunsetting other then being due to hydrocephalus... is your LO having this problem? Have you spoken to her ped about it?

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yes she is...we had a cranial ultrasound in august. at that time she was 3 months old and there was no sign of hydrocephalus. She has also had trouble focusing, up until about 4 weeks ago, she could not focus her eyes on anything. I don't know if it is all the same problem. I took her for another ultrasound on wednesday and will get the results from that tomorrow so my fingers are crossed that things will be ok. Some doctors have told me that hydrocephalus develops at birth or shortly thereafter and others have told me that it can develop later. I don't know what to expect at this point, really hoping it isn't hydrocephalus but at the same time, would love to finally know what is causing her eye problems!

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When we were admitted to the hospital for FTT we saw a neuro. and he mentioned sunset eyes about noah, but the next day he came in and said no....So this is so unhelpful and I am sorry 4 that, but wanted to let u no I know a little bit about it. I hope you can get some answers

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My son was born at 25 weeks and has sunsetting eyes because of his severe ROP. Does your daughter have any problems with her eyes?

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My son has hydro and did have sunsetting eyes appear a few months after he got his shunt. It did not happen immediately, but gradually. He had his shunt checked for malfunction, but it was OK. They adjusted it, and the sunsetting eyes went away. He was also having other "shunt" symptoms like increasing HC and sleepiness.

I have a friend who's daughter was diagnosed w/ hydro at 3 years old. She was not a preemie, but has NF (neurofibromatosis). They found it by looking at brain scans over time. Her ventricles did not grossly dialate, but gradually got larger over a period of time. She was getting MRI's every so often to track the growth of a benign brain tumor.

Do you see a pediatric opthamologist? Does your child have any other sypmtoms of hydro like vomitting, sleepiness, quickly increasing/large head circumference? Did she have a brain bleed?

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hey everyone, thanks for your replies. We got the results back today and no sign of hydrocephalus. On to see a neurologist i guess. Very confusing to say the least. She is developing just fine otherwise doing everything she is suppose to be doing for her adjusted age. She is still on oxygen so who knows maybe it has something to do with that, no ROP though! Hopefully she will be done with the oxygen coming up in february so my fingers are crossed that it is related to that. I will update when i find out any new info...thanks for your support. I think that this group has helped me deal with our issues much better!

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Everest had IVH with Hydro. and has a shunt. We were told about Sunset eyes, and that it occurs when there is pressure build up in the brain, which then causes the eyes to be pushed down. They said that could be a sign that his shunt wasnt working. I do not know any other reason for sunset eyes. When do you see a neurologist? I found this link that says it is caused by pressure on specific nerves.

We are thinking of your daughter and family! Keep us posted.

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