As most of you know my LO has had a cold this past week. His nose is still stuffy! =( My cold has lasted over a week so I am really hoping his doesn't last as long.

My concern is that he isn't drinking as much. Like 3 oz compared to 5 oz every feeding. The pulm. said it's normal because babies don't like to drink while stuffed up because they can't breathe well. Our pedi told us to put baby food in his bottle JUST while he is sick, to get the extra calories in. Has anyone done this?

When your baby was stuffy, did he eat a little less?? I just don't want him to lose weight!!

Thanks...looking forward to hearing your replies!

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Yes! When my girls have had colds (3 so far) they have a really hard time sucking, and I also think nothing has any taste, so they are less enticed. I kept offering it every 2 hours or so, more than usual, and give them Pedialite while sick, which the doc recommended, and the milk just stuffed them up more. They never lost weight b/c of it. It also helped me get them off the pacifier. At 11 months they got a terrible cold, and they couldn't suck, so we just threw all the pacifiers away! Good luck!

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I feel your pain! My son tends to get colds quite often (our 5yr old is in kindergarten). He definitely doesn't eat as much when he's stuffy. Fortunately, he has a g-tube, so we can just give him what he doesn't eat through that. However, we have to be careful with how much we give him b/c all the snot seems to give him an upset stomach. If we give him too much, it all comes up later.

I've never heard of putting baby food in bottles, other than cereal. That seems a bit weird to me b/c most formulas/BM have more calories than baby food anyway. So I don't know why you'd bother. I would also think that it wouldn't work well since it'll probably be thicker and he'd have to suck harder, which probably won't happen if he doesn't want to take a bottle anyway.

Although my son doesn't really eat baby food, he's much more willing to put food in his mouth when he's sick than a bottle. If your son is eating baby food, I would just try to give him more of that since that's easier to "eat" when he's sick.

I hope he gets better soon!

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My daughter has constant congestion which can impact her eating and drinking. Instead of putting something in the milk to thicken it, I actually go the other direction to get her to drink more. When she was still on whole milk, I used to buy 2% once in awhile because it wasn't so thick. Now that we are on 2% all of the time, if she is really congested, I put organic pear juice in the milk to think it out a little bit and so far it has worked.

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