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I have a former 24 weeker who is now 6 months actual. She is the surviving twin. I have just now, started to feel a little normal. My friend and I have decided to start a support group for moms of preemie babies/ children. I have already spoken with a NICU nurse friend of mine whom I met while my daughter was in the NICU and the hospital has ideas for me an what I can do there. I am looking for other ideas of how to get it going and what I should or shouldn't do. Have any of you don't this sort of thing before?

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My mom started a support group when I was young. I was born at 24 weeks, and she wanted people to connect with. I do not remember how she got it started, but she was on the local news and in the newspaper (as was I).

She met with several mothers just in a casual setting. It was more of a support group in terms of sharing their stories and developing friendships so not just like some that are more geared just towards educating, if that makes sense. I believe she also had family days set up for the families to all get together, christmas parties, etc.

She ended up advocating for one of the mother's whose baby was in another province to try to get her to be moved closer to home.

I guess it depends also on what role you want to take, a leader, have someone else lead, how you envision it..what would be helpful to you since you've been there, etc. Just my thoughts.

You could put an ad up online somewhere, at your local hospital, community centers, etc.

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I haven't been involved but I think that was due to us being on lockdown. This group mentions a phone option, so I wonder how that would work? ID/77/reftab/285/t/Fragile-Beginnings-Support-Group/Default.aspx

I was in a support group once for fertility, obviously before dear children arrived. The only problem I found with that was that there was a wide range in the level of "success" that each person was having at any time. It was tricky, because just hearing that one person was pregnant was hard for everyone else. But the early pregnancies were so tenuous that it didn't seem like people should have to stop coming. I just mention this as it can sound like a great idea, and then be hard in reality. When emotions are high, as we've all seen here, it can be hard to not compare your situation to others and focus on the fact that we're all working with preemies. So, in that sense, I think you would need someone very talented in negotiating those kinds of group dynamics to be running it.

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I just started working with a non profit and running their Houston group. I tried to run one without a non profit and it is hard to get things for your group unless you want to buy them. I had several people say they would help but I needed the tax info before they would. Good luck the one I am working with is

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