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Hi, girls,
my question is for those of you who have had already the SSI case review for your preemie.
My son got his SSI benefits 18 mo ago based on his birthweight (under 1200 g), current medical necessity and our income/resource level.
Yesterday i got the letter with appt date for his case review. I need to bring there the bank statements and husband's paystubs starting May 2007.
So my question is... how they will determine if my son is still eligible to get the benefits? solely based on our financial situation or they will call his doctor to find out his current medical condition or they will order independent medical examination for my 20 mo.old?
Honestly, thanks God, my son's medical needs greatly decreased since the initial application time, he is not on any medications, just vitamins, but getting EI services (physical, occupational, speech, special education) 5 times per week... our financial situation didn't change since.
just curious, thanks in advance.

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We also received a little SSI while Dale was in the hospital because of his low birth weight (570 grams). I just spoke to someone at the Social Security office yesterday about updating our case. As far as I know, they only base it on financial need (or what they consider to be financial need). They asked me how much money my husband grossed per year, how much money we had in our checking/savings, how much we owed on our car loans and also how much we paid on our mortgage per month. Unfortunately my husband fell above the maximum gross pay, so we have lost our benefits. They did not ask me any questions about the medical needs of my son. I am not sure to what extent they would look at his medical needs if we did actually qualify financially. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

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we received small SSI checks while lynsey was in the hospital due to low birth weight, but after she was discharged, we no longer qualified. as far as i know, it all has to do with income; the SS administrator told us when we initially applied that my husband's income alone was over the maximum to qualify for benefits following discharge, so we knew from the get-go.

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we just had my daughter's review via telephone, and they basically asked the same questions as the initial interview.... income, savings, assets and the like. at this stage it's based on financial requirements whereas to qualify it was about birth weight and health issues. our financial situation hadn't changed that much... i did get a raise but not anything to affect our qualifications for our current payments. hope this helps!

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The financial reviews are every year as long as your child qualifies for SSI, they do a medical review every few years...I don't know exactly how often...but I'm thinking somewhere around two to five years.

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SSI is based upon your child being disabled, not your financial need.

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SSI is not based solely on disability. You must qualify based on disability, first, but secondly you must meet certain financial qualifications. In order to continue receiving SSI you must submit to an annual financial review, and every 2-5 years the social security administration conducts a medical review. You might not even be aware of the medical review unless it disqualifies you...

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my son recieves ssi.
every month i have to turn in my paystubs.
iam not sure what happens on the review, my guess is they will obtain medical records again as well as review my financial records.
my son never had to see an independent doc, i hope he never does.
iam only able to work once per week and iam very thankful for the ssi.

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With SSI a "redertermination" is purely financial. It does not look at any medical records. I think this is what you are referring to when you say "case review." In some people it occurs within three months of eligibility, but most in one to six years. You can look here for more info:

On the other hand a "Continuing Disability Review" looks at all the medical and is just like the process the first time. The exception to this is when no improvement is expected and then there is a form you get in the mail that you fill out. Generally if your child was found eligible by low birth weight the CDR is done by age one unless at the initial determination they found that improvement is unlikely by age one. For children the CDR is done every three years if it is expected that the condition may improve (with the exception of LBW if that is done by age one). You can find information on this at

You can also find some good information here tml

What I am not positive about is how to find out how often the CDR will occur. I would like to know that so that I don't become surprised at it suddenly showing up in the mail.

Do you know how your son was found eligible for SSI? What I mean is under what condition? Technically you are supposed to report improvements. I have heard of people having to repay benefits when a child was no longer disabled and it was not reported. With the OT, ST, and PT if he has a 50% delay in one are or a 33% delay in two areas he should still qualify. That is the criteria in a nutshell for one category for kids ages one until their third birthday.

There is tons of information on the Web site, however I have found lots of good information just by googling and ending up on Web sites of attorneys.

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