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Can someone please describe their sessions with a speech therapist?

My son is a former 26 weeker, 1lb 6oz & spent 14 months in the hospital. He was on the ventilator about 8 months. He is now 28 months old. He makes sounds such as ba-ba, pa-pa, da-da, but NO words. He is also blind, so it's amazing he can figure out the sounds we are making, since he can't see our mouths move. He had a speech therapist, but we mainly focused on feeding. We do a lot of turn-taking with sounds. What else can a speech therapist do for him? We do not currently have a speech therapist & wondering if I should wait until he is talking a little more?

If you can please share your experience it would be appreciated.

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Every situation is different, but in most cases earlier seems to be better. I'd try and get speech therapy. Even if he doesn't get a ton of actual therapy sessions, they can give you exercises, things to watch for, goals, etc. That is how we do my daughter's PT. She only goes 1-2 times a month because she doesn't like to do anything for the therapist (she's 14 mos), but she checks our progress, and gives us new goals and exercises, games etc to do every time we come in. Oh, and another thing. Has he a had a recent hearing test? Even if he passed in the NICU, there could be something going on there that could use some attention....

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