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I just wanted to give an update on my son's progress with speech therapy. My little guy was born @ 24 weeks he is 2 and half now anddoing well with speech therapy. He started in Sept. At first we where a little apprehensive with putting him in speech therepy and initially did not see results right away insurance only approved 16 visits then about his 9th visit my Anthony had a break through he said his 1st word CHEESE! As it was snack time when he wasat therepy. Although he is not saying full sentences yet his vocabulary is getting better each day needless to say we are thrilled we are delighted that we can now ask him what objects are he can communicate what they are. Being a parent of a preemie even at this stage sometimes you wonder how many delays will there be with speech and learning then a day like today happens and my son spells Dodge on his chalk board. I will continue to say Anthony is our miracle and never stops surprising us. Again I thank every Mom and Dad on this site it trully helped us with making informed decisions from the NICU to his toddler years.

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Congratulations to Anthony!

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Thanks so much Katek it's a journey we walk with our little ones! But worth every reward

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Congrats Anthony! Keep up the good work. Mom, you need to give yourself a pat on the back as well. Being a parent, especially a special needs parent is tough but, so worth it! You are doing great with him!

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Great! My sons were both in speech and occupational therapy as they did not say much, if anything at age of 2.5 and had several delays. We loved our speech therapist. She came to our home. The ST was offered through the infants and toddlers in MD. Our boys' speech picked up, first slowly and then astronomically. Now, they never stop talking. They are four now and they talk about Peter Pan and pirates in great details all the time.
Keep up the great work, Anthony (and Anthony's Mom). It gets easier, but never quite easy.

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