Spasticity in preemie boy

My 25 weeker (5 months actual/2 months adjusted) was just recently diagnosis with spasticity in his lower extremities. He is going to be scheduled for a MRI of the brain. He is seeing a physical therapist twice a month in which she shows me what to do in between visits. I am curious to see how other parents are dealing with spasticity? Are there any good books or website that I can be referred in which will show me how to help my son in the long run. Learning of this diagnosis and how it relates to CP is a huge blow to our family but we have faith in God that he will make all of his issues right. All comments are welcomed. Thank you!!!

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Here Ukraine we have a great rehabilitation center and they do a great variety of physical training(have not tried this, no need). But other than that-the key resource here is infant massage, exercises on the gymnastics ball (huge rubber ball). I know my friend's daughter had hyper tension in her muscle, close to spasticity so they resolved it completely through massages. So. Would greatly recommend find a very very good massage specialist for your baby, it really gives gat results. I know it from the other side-we did not have spasticity but had a very very low tone in muscles. Now our DS is 6.5 months And doctors say his muscle it tone is ok. So, even if it is costly - it is worth paying,

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Thank you so much for your reply kraplinka.. We are working with PT right now. We are only doing twice a month but soon, per the neurologist request, we will have to move his PT appts to once a week. Thanks again..

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I think that is way too little. With our low tone we do a course of massages+pt at home, 12-15 times in row(one each day) + swimming/diving. And we have completed 2 courses and are in a middle of a third one, three weeks break between courses. My friend with her dd did the same. It gives result only if you do it every day (professional) and then you yourself during those 3 weeks break.

Wishing your son a great health-mummy's love and God can make miracles))))

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