Short cervix at 6 weeks pregnant

I just had my first ultrasound and my cervix only measures 2.9 cm long. I have a know case of incompetent cervix. Im more nervous now because Im only 6 weeks pregnant. Im going to have a transvaginal cerclage at the 13 week mark. Has anyone ever measured this short this early on? At this point with my son my cervix was almost 4cm & I still had him at 26 weeks! I dont know what to do..... Can anyone give me some advice???

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I don't really have any advice, except make sure you are being closely monitored by a perinatologist! You are lucky this has been caught so early and you are being monitored.
Are you on bed rest? I would limit activity and stay off your feet as much as possible. Drink lots of water-staying hydrated can prevent contractions.
Also, this is just my opinion, but make sure you are taking a good prenatal vitamin, and ask your doctor about any other supplements that may help your baby be healthy (I took purified fish oil with my doctor's blessing, and extra folic acid-but I was carrying twins).
Easier said than done, but try to limit your stress as well.
Best of luck, keep in touch and I will say a prayer for you and your baby.

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I had cervical issues and had lots of bedrest. I can only offer a few little tips. Bed rest starting now (if possible). I know this may also be difficult because you have another child - ASK for help! Keep in mind that this kind of bed rest is not the sitting kind (some people misunderstand that:) You need to be in more a reclined position or laying down. Rent a wheel chair to use for any small outing (don't roll yourself with hands on the wheels - toooo much pressure - must have a "pusher":) Are you having a cerclage put in? You need that as soon as your Dr will let you have one! I had one very early and it worked (with the bedrest at home and in the hospital). Ironically I ended up with severe pre-E and had to have the girls at 29 weeks. At my later ultrasounds while in the hospital - they could see that one of the babies had her head right on the cerclage. It was funny and scary! When I was going down to have the girls (even earlier than expected) - it was expected that I may have a C-section....she cut the cerclage and I dialated to 4 or 6 immediately (I can't believe that I can't remember for sure, but at this moment I can't:). The reason I am telling you all of this is to show you (which you may already know:) that the cerclage REALLY helps. Oh and I had the "steroid shots" (can't remember the exact name - sorry) to help with the girls lungs beforehand also. Oh and if you have stairs - forget them. You will need to start sleeping downstairs (if your bedroom is up). We had to put a bed in the middle of the LR while I was on bed rest here at the house. See a Maternal Fetal Med Dr, eat well and take your vitamins etc. (pretty much what the person above said:). If I can remember anything else to help - I will post again. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!

And if you still have Christmas shopping to do...skip it and hit the internet for the rest! :)

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Oh - good grief...I missed the cerclage part of your message - SORRY:) I am pretty sure you know most of what I told you, but just in case...
Good luck to you!

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I've never heard of cervical changes as early as six weeks. My cervix to start with is on the short side measuring 2.5 so it's possible that's just the way you are anatomically.

Make sure you follow a good doc (perinatologist/MFM) very closely. It's good that you are aware of this so early as was the case before I got pregnant the second time. The first time I delivered at 24 w 5d and had no clue.

I am currently 26w 5d with a transabdominal cerclage TAC (I don't have enough cervix in the birth canal to perform at TVC) and my cervix has been measuring around 3.2 ish. I have avoided bedrest so far and hope to carry as long as possible.

All I can say is you know your body. Insist on frequent scans and don't allow any manual checks of your cervix. If something doesn't feel right seek help and like the previous poster said, don't be afraid to ask for help with your little one.

Good luck and keep us posted on your pregnancy!


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I did. My cervix measured at 2.9 cm or 2.8 cm at every ultrasound. My peri said it was *borderline* but not concerning. At 31w 5d my water broke and my baby was born 5 days later by c section. I never went into labor though. They delivered him because I showed signs of infection.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here. On 10/29/08 at 20 weeks I went in for an ultrasound and was astonished to find out I had a short cervix. I measured at 1.9 cm long. The nurse placed me on bed rest until I saw my doctor 2 days later. My doctor then did an ultrasound and I measured 2.2 cm then later 2.7. Since then I've been on bedrest - seeing a Fetal Medicine Specialist as well as my doctor. Next week I will know if I will be placed in the hospital. At this moment I am 27 weeks at 1.4 cm. I just pray everyday that I can go full term. Just remember to ask your doctor as many questions as you need to since I always feel like my doctor is rushing me out the door. He's great but having a short cervix is confusing if you don't know all the risks or what signs to look for for preterm labor. This is my first so I'm just listening to my body and trying to stay off my feet. It's very hard to be off my feet since I don't have any help at home and my husband works all day. It's pretty lonely. But I try to stay busy with stuff. I never got the cerclage done since my short cervix was diagnosed to late. Good luck and ask your doctor if you should be on bedrest.


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At 6 weeks, with a cervix of 2.9 you are definitely in line for a transvaginal cerclage. BUT, with a former 26 weeker in your home, you should look into the Transabdominal Cerclage. I don't know where you are in the US, but there are surgeons all over the country (and the world) that perform this surgery.
My first child was born at 22 weeks, and nobody looked at my cervix to see what the measurement was. My second child was born at 27 weeks, THROUGH a transvaginal cerclage (they are only 75% effective) and 14 weeks of strict bed rest 3 of which was in the hospital.
I received a TAC (transabdominal cerclage) before my last pregnancy, and carried twins to 33/5 and my cervix never budged under 5.8 cm. The only reason I had the girls early was that they were over 5 lbs a piece at 33/5! I didn't spend a day on bedrest during that pregnancy, and was able to care for my 27 weeker with little to no issues.
Melissa and I have the same TAC surgeon, Dr. Leroy Charles in West Palm Beach, FL. But for information about the TAC, I suggest contacting Dr. George Davis in Cherry Hill, NJ. He is very good at answering email messages regarding the TAC. His email is

I hope this information helps you. If you need more information, please email me at

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Lisa, there are tons of Melissa's on Abbyloopers lately! I am actually thinking of changing my name it's so confusing! I think I know the Melissa you are referring to, she is currently 34 weeks if I'm not mistaken.

I am actually a patient of Dr. Davis and can say from experience how wonderful he is! I strongly encourge anyone in need of intervention for cervical issues to contact him. He will present all your options and help you determine the best course of action for you and your baby.

29w 1d with TAC Baby Boy!

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Sorry Melissa, I did mix you up (call me a Swiss Cheese Brain). I am not on Abbyloopers as much as I used to be. The twins are 2 1/2 right now and they demand a LOT of my time. Although, I do try to keep up, I am falling desperately behind.

When I was pregnant with the twins there were 3 Lisas as well... so I can understand your frustration. I started using my last initial when signing the emails. Maybe that will work for you as well.


P.S. Keep growing that little boy!

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I had my cervix measured it's only 2.7 cm and my Dr. thought that it may be getting smaller due to a leap procedure that I had done when I was 16. They had to put a stitch in my cervix so I wouldn't go into pre-term labor. It was very scary but fortunately I had a friend that has had the same problem. Granted I'm still on bed rest I'm allowed to do smaller activities like go shopping.

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My cervix at 24 weeks was 4 mm, yes mm not cm. I was placed on bedrest and also started on progesterone daily suppositories but you can also get weekly injections. I had PROM at 30 weeks and delivered my son at 3# 4oz. I also had the complication of premature labor and was on terbutaline. The progesterone is my only suggestion that I did not see mentioned. May be worth asking your MFM dr. I know with mynext preg. tjey will automatically start me on it! Good luck!

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well u should place ypurself on bedrest. Limit ur activity if possible and it will lenghten out. I too have incomp cervix. Had cerclage placed @13 weeks. Cervix began to show changes @ 18. Water broke @25. In hosp currently @27weeks 4days. I started 17p inj @16 weeks which seemed helpful
good luck. Talk to ur doc bout 17p pills that might be an option.

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