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We are in our second season of receiving the RSV shot. Within 24 hours of getting the shot, our baby is having full blown symptoms of RSV. We are having to give him breathing treatments and everything for about 10 days after each shot...otherwise, he is not getting sick at all. Quite ironic that after fighting our insurance company for two months, it seems that the shot is actually making him sick. We had no problems with it last year. Our Pedi told us today that the only way they would test for RSV is if he was sick enough to send to the hospital. WHAT? We are so frustrated with the level of care we have received. It's so stressful to drive for 2 1/2 hours, sit in a waiting room for 2 hours and then be told there is basically nothing we can do to find out what is happening. Just wondered if anyone else out there is experiencing these kind of symptoms, or anything similar.

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It is my understanding that the Synagis shots cannot cause RSV because it uses antibodies not a live or dead form of the virus like other vaccines. More than likely, your son was exposed to RSV or some other virus prior to recieving the shots. I hear your frustration with the doctor's visits and lack of answers. It's so hard to wait for it to get better or worse. Sorry for you and your family. Best wishes.

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yep...thanks Laura. I am familiar with the way the shot works and I have been VERY careful not to expose him to any children, big crowds and I sterilize EVERYTHING that he touches or that I touch. I have read that a very small number of anaphalactic cases have been recorded. I just wanted her to acknowledge that something was going on. He has not been sick one time, besides the times he is getting the shot. Instead she was defensive and had to let us know that SHE had never heard of this it MUST not be happening. If we had just been able to get an appointment or returned phone call when he was sick, she might have been able to see how bad it was. I was very blunt about the dissapointment we both had in the level of care we were getting. Just don't want to be shuffeled around again. If we go to another Dr, it isn't going to be one there.

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I am so sorry. I think I would be as outraged as you or even more under the circumstances. It is very possible that the shot weakened his Immune system and got RSV since the vaccine does not prevent an infection. Although I would not be surprised if it did cause it. This vaccines cause a lot of problems.

I hope he gets better soon!

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hello i am very familiar with the shot my daughter got the first shot and got sick and ended up in the hospital less than 24 hrs after the shot and was sick with rsv and then they told me that i was crazy that the rsv shot dnt do that. so that i had to take her to get the second one and now she is in the picu and on a vent and is doing very badly and they are hoping for the best. so i dnt care what anyone else says that shot does mess with your bby. i am a living witness who child is hangin on to life frm it. no everybdy exp isnt the same but ours is just not as worse dnt take your son back please save yourself and him the heartache and pain of wondering is he going to live frm this shot...

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