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Hello my 31 weeker is currently taking prevacid (1x daily) and zantac (1.8ml 2x daily) for her reflux. She is still fighting the bottle, arches her back, and screams painfully. The meds are not working and i'm worried its something serious. I have a follow up appt with her doctor next week. Does anyone have any suggestions/similar experience? She takes 5-6oz per feeding and it takes 1 hour each time. Any input would be great. Thanks!

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How old is your daughter? my daughter was born 32 weeks and due to reflux she was on zantac first and then pepcid for atleast 10-11 months old. I see the difference alot when she started sitting without support.
At first she was on Neosure then my ped. changed the formula to Alimentum and it does help.
Another thing you can try to use ready to feed formula instead of powder. or if use powder formula make a little more in advance and keep in refrigerator and make it little warm and then give it to her. (its good to consume within24 hours)
dont shake the bottle cause it make bubbles to form and it may be more uncomfortable to the baby.

Give reflux medicine on empty stomach and keep the baby's head elevated. (i used to hold the baby on my shoulder or i make her sit in the bounce after the medicine for atleast 20-30 mins.

I have read somewhere mixing baby cereal to the formula to help in reflux but i never tried it.

Hope your little one feels better soon.

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Is she a formula baby or a breast milk baby?

Formula babies seem to have more issues on average than breast milk babies.

If on formula, is it a dairy or soy formula? If so, talk with your child's ped about an elemental formula. Also, most formulas contain a lot of corn junk in them, especially the powdered ones. Consider ready made formulas that do not contain things like corn maltodextrin.

If on breast milk, consider eliminating dairy and soy from your diet, even trace amounts. That means NO casein or whey. It takes 14 days for an offending food to clear your breast milk. So one has to be diligent and patient.

Good luck.

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Also, make an appointment with an OT who specializes in feeding behaviors. If the reflux has triggered a bad food-pain association for your child, a good OT may be able to help you undo some of those negative associations.

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My twins are on Zantac and still act like how your daughter acts. The doctor told me before we left the nicu that sometimes those meds don't work that we just have to wait for them to grow out of it. I did start to give them cereal in there milk and it has cut down the amount of spitting up they were doing but it didn't not help with the reflux. They drink breast milk about 4 1/2 to 5 oz every 3 hours I try my very best to have them up right for about at least 30 mins. It hurts me to see them like that in so much pain but still so hungry. I hope it gets better for her.

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My child had same battles, after 5 months of this speech therapist recommended at gi out of state, we found my son had yeast growing in his esophogus causing him horrible pain. Mind you several OT's had said it was behavioral and unfortunately we had listened. He was an x 24 weeker. After 5 days on nystatin he was a new man but definately had oral aversion from 5 months of torture and pain from eating.
Get your child check out. The massive doses of antiobiotics in nicu kill the good bacteria in the gut and let the bad bacteria (yeast) flourish.

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If you're working with a pediatrician so far, you might want to schedule for an appointment with a pediatric GI, if yours get booked out as far as ours were. It's really frustrating if your current doctor runs out of ideas and *then* you have to wait two months for an opening. Hoping you get it solved before that, though -- if so you can cancel.

I don't know if you've already hit the wall on this, but our daughter got up to an antacid dose I think three times what she started at. I kind of didn't like to throw drugs at the problem, but she didn't have any issues with it and it seemed to help her. (It was always a little tricky to tell when her pain was less, because her behavior wouldn't change much until she got used to it. Sometimes that seemed to take a few days, sometimes weeks.)

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