reactive airway disease

Does anyone have a little one with this diagnosis?

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Our girls were officially diagnosed with "post infection coughing syndrome" which our Pulminologist said is essentially Reactive Airway Disease. What happened to us, over 18 months, was that every time they got a cold, they would get a cough that was so violent, they would gag, vomit, and have trouble catching their breathe. After numerous ER visits and steriods (Grace's cough was croupy all the time), they were put on Pulmicort daily which helped for 6 months. Then, b/c of countless illnesses and a sleep study which showed some obstruction (their tonsils and adenoids were huge), they had full removal. My girls have never had asthma - asthma meds do not help them, as they can breathe fine - the lungs are unaffected. It's the upper airway that becomes so inflammed that they choke and gag.

Since removal in July, they have had 2 colds and NO COUGHS :) Knock on wood!!! Of course, this solution worked for us, and there are different solutions for different scenarios. Best of luck!

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Yes, both mine do, although the little man's is much worse. He has stridor also, and had a horrible time coming off the vent. But any time either of them gets sick with any respiratory anything, this gets thrown back out there and we're working on it again.

Is your little one having issues with it?

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My son had it. He's a 24 weeker and spent two months on the vent. He was diagnosed around 2. He did lots of breathing treatments on a nebulizer and took Singulair. He grew out of it between 4 and 5. Now, the only time he needs breathing treatment is when he gets a bad cold.

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Reactive Airway Disease is pretty much Asthma. And is treated like asthma. After 2 I believe if symptoms persists its considered asthma. That iss what our Pulmonologist told us way back when. :)

All the best,

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Per the Mayo Clinic's website:

For this reason, my doctor coined my daughters' issues as Reactive Airway in lieu of asthma. Their symptoms showed signs of asthma, but b/c of their age and the large number of variables (enlarged tonsils, violent coughing and vomitting, prematurity, early RSV, to name a few) we were told they fall into the RAD category - not diagnosable, but treatable using typical asthmatic protocol. We won't know for some time if it develops into asthma, but we're treating it in a similar matter. We don't have as much wheezing in the lungs as a typical asthmatic, but we do have shortness of breath and major inflammation. Or at least we did, since surgery we have not had any RAD episodes even though we've had some colds.

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See my little guy rarely coughs, just has a pretty loud wheeze from sept-march...

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I think RSD us an all encompassing diagnosis if a child is reacting to "something". Do you see a pulminologist? What's his/her opinion? Are you treating it with meds?

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We see a pediatric allergist. He is on a high dose of q-var and ventolin as needed.

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Yes, my daughter had this diagnosis for a while, then severe asthma was the diagnosis.

The wheezing you mention is both familiar and concerning.

I suggest you get thee to a pulmonologist. It has been a real eye opener for us, and truly the first time in Rainy's 4 years on the planet she has lived wheeze free for any length of time. Working hard to breathe has many other affects on the body. Had I known earlier what I know now, I would have started her with a pulmo right after NICU discharge. Her much hailed pediatrician at the time didn't know what she didn't know.

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