Progesterone suppository study new treatment for a short cervix?

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I am curious to know if anyone is using the progesterone gel? It's a new study instead of the progesterone shots, you use a suppository gel vaginally. The dosage is one application daily as directed by your doctor. I think I might sign up for this new study but I want to be sure it has worked for other women. Thank you.

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I have an incompetent cervix and belong to another site for women with IC. MANY women on that site..mostly form Canada and UK, use the gel with success! I had the shot and delivered at 25 weeks. I say go for it.

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Congrats on your lil one, she is adorable.
Oh great to know! Thank you so much for your reply.

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I used it during the first trimester with my son, Evin's, pregnancy. I believe it helped stop a threatened miscarriage early on. But when the placenta took over making progesterone, I stopped bleeding anyway.
I also delivered at 25 wks. Maybe I should have done the shots too.
My doctor warned me that there weren't a lot of studies out there. But she had seen it do some good.
My insurance would not cover it (in '07) because of the lack of proof. It cost us @ $700 a month. I wish I could have done the study! :)
Good Luck.

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I used progesterone suppositories for a little while during my pregnancy (1st part). To be honest, I did not realize that I was using anything that was not the "norm":) I am not sure that I would have actually called it a gel, so maybe mine was different???
I will say that they had to be kept in the fridge and WOOOOHOOO that was always interesting:) YIKES!! LOL!!!:)
I say, GO FOR IT!! Good luck!!

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I know nothing about the gel. Have been taking the shots since 16 weeks at 26 weeks now with contractions but no change in my cervix! I would do the shots again in a heart beat.

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I took the suppositories which were more like tablets that you insert. I started taking them when I went into preterm labor at 22 weeks and had a 4mm cervical length. I delivered at 30 weeks. I am scheduled for a transabdominal cerclage to help with my now diagnosed IC. Best wishes and good luck!!

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I want a TAC for my next baby also! I wish I could have had the suppositories instead of the shot. My theory is they are closer to the cervix and work directly at the site...there is no medical basis in this at all, but I have heard so many success stories. I used the shot and did not do a thing. My cervix is crap!

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I"ve been taking the shots since week 16 and am currently at 31. ( I gave birth to my daughter at 25 weeks. ) When my Dr. suggested the progesterone I looked into the shots vs the suppositories and it seemed the two differences were absorbtion and frequency. The frequency is more a personal preference I think, daily vs. weekly.

There are instances with the suppository of it leaking out, however since it is taken daily I'm not sure if it matters all that much. With the shot, if mixed correctly and given correctly, does not 'leak' and is injected straight into your muscle tissue.

For me, the security of the shot worked better, but I have read of many successful suppository stories. Good luck!

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