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My preemie is 5 months (actual today) and almost 9 weeks corrected. She has been pretty fussy the past few days, drooling a lot, has a little chin rash and sucking on her little fists and fingers constantly. The pediatrician said it is "pre-teething" behavior. When do babies born prematurely start getting their teeth? Do I go by the actual or corrected age for this? Just want to have an idea of what I can be doing to help her if she is in fact teething early!



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My girls teethed very very early. About 2 months adjusted we saw them start the incessant drooling, etc. They popped their first tooth at 6 months adjusted, and rest followed suit quickly. It varies child to child, I've found, whether you go with adjusted or actual - very wide range. Make sure if she does get her teeth early that you start seeing a pediatric dentist between a year and 18 months. Best of luck - nothing helped for us, just time....

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My 23-weeker began showing the drooling signs at 4 months adjusted, but didn't get his first tooth for another 3 months, and the one after that didn't come in until another 7 weeks on top of that, which seemed like a big gap. Teething is supposed to, like everything else, run by adjusted age, but like Kristen said, there is a HUGE range of what's normal. I've read 3 months to past a year for full-term babies is considered normal, even though most get their first ones between 6 and 10 months. But I know many who got them at 3, 4, and 5 months, too. Just like you hear tales of babies not having any until a year, but I would say it seems to be more common for preemies, from just what I've read on here, to have delayed eruption, past a year adjusted, for those first teeth. They say later is better, though, because it usually means they will fall out later, too.

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Forgot to say, girls tend to teethe earlier than boys, from things I've read recently. But the earliest teethers I've known in our famlies have been boys.

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So it sounds like she is in fact "pre-teething" and we will just have to help her get through it. Seeing her so uncomfortable is worse for me than her! Thank you ladies!

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The good news is that it comes and goes - we'd have a week of horrible pre-teething, and then a few weeks totally fine. So it's not constant!

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Our little boy was 7 weeks early and is now almost 5 months (actual age). We saw the paediatrician this morning, and he says preemies start teething at anywhere from 6 months, but teeth are moving down in gums which causes drooling and itchy gums. He said you don't need to calculate adjusted age as it happens pretty much at same time as full term babies.

Good luck!

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