Preemies and colds?

So I was just wondering if your preemie has issues with colds? My son is almost 7 months born 7 weeks early...About 5 weeks ago we were admitted into the hospital for hypoxia and broncitis the onset of wheezing happened so quick it was a sunday night thats why we had to go to ER. We spent2days in the hospital montering oxgen levels he was put on neb treatments there and also at home! It was not until a week that he got over all the nasal congestion and cough! so now 5 weeks later he has terrible nasal congestion and a little cough no wheezing though..I just wasnt to know if its common in preemies to get colds this often? ( Hes my 1st so maybe its even common in full term babies too? ) I been doing vicks baby rub, saline i took him a warm bath... any other home remides i missin? i love any feed back
Oh forgot to add i live in colorado and our wheather has been crazy latley...

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Kids get sick a lot, that's just the way it is. My preemies got sick the first time at 3 months, and the second time not until 11 months, but then right away at 13 months. Each time they have gotten sick, it was b/c of a sick person or taking them out in public. My point is, you can avoid it by not taking them out in public, to public places, to daycare, or letting them be around anyone that has been sick or is getting sick. But Sometimes that's just really hard to do! I recommend doing your best to avoid any sick people, avoid grocery stores and other indoor public places with recycled air and dirty surfaces, bring hand sanitizer with you everywhere, make sure anyone that comes in your house washes up really well, and don't let strangers hold your baby. Seems like a lot of stuff, but it's really common sense stuff for any baby, not just a preemie, but with preemies, you just have to be extra cautious, b/c as you learned, they are more likely to need serious medical attention if they get sick. If you're already doing all those things for preventative measures and baby is still getting sick a lot, you may want to see if he's allergic to something in your home, or possibly there is an airborn allergen inside that you don't know about (ie: mold.) My husband was sick as a baby all the time, and his pediatrician told his parents to take down all the wallpaper in his room, and sure enough, it was covered in mold. He was fine after that. Lastly, you could have just brought some germs in and he got sick, it happens! Good luck, I know firsthand how awful it is to have sick kids!

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Wow thanks! yea we have been super careful and when we do go out we normally just keep him in his car seat/stroller:) but he will get better i know and he has been draning all day so im guessin thats a good thing?

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Oh yea, my son is a 25 weeker and no matter how careful I am he gets colds most of the winter. I have older kids so that doesn't help. Over all he is doing well but winter is always hard. We now have

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My understanding is that most preemies don't catch viruses more than other children, BUT when they do get sick, the effects are often more serious.

A "little" cold to a full-term baby can be a huge problem for a preemie.

The current research suggests that even "late preterm" babies (meaning 34-36 weekers) have significantly more lung issues than full-term babies. Unfortunately, a lot of doctors don't take the issues of children born after 30-32 weeks as seriously as they should. They mistakenly think that being born after 30 weeks is not that big of a deal. It is generally better for a child to be born later than earlier, but even those born after 30 weeks have significantly smaller lung pathways. When those lungs get clogged, the children get much more sick than an FT baby would.

I agree with mygirlsmom about avoiding public places. Even if baby is in a stroller, if you touch anything (e.g, a cereal box, a door knob, money) that someone who has had a cold has touched, your chances of passing that to baby are pretty good when you go to give baby a bottle, adjust a blanket, pick baby up to put in car seat, or whatever. And some germs are air born. There's always some stranger who wants to lean over and look at the baby. If you can leave baby at home while you shop and then wash your hands as soon as you get home before touching baby (we keep hand sanitizer in the car and I have some in my purse), you'll reduce the chances of passing bad stuff to baby.

One particular complication of the swine flu is that it affects people's lungs. Although media coverage of the swine flu isn't as prominent right now, the experts are expecting a more serious, mutated form of it to reappear in late summer, early fall.

Good Luck. Hope your baby stays healthy!

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My son just got over his first cold (he was 9 months actual / 7 adjusted at the onset - he was born 8 1/2 weeks early), and luckily it didn't develop into anything worse than that. It was mostly head congestion, never went into his lungs that I could tell. He had a fever of 102.2 one day, then the next he was stuffy and had a slight runny nose. Couldn't breathe through his nose for a few days. The nights were the worst - mostly fine during the day, maybe a little more whining and attachment than usual, but he couldn't sleep more than 30-45 minutes at a time at night :(

It's funny, we had just come back from a trip to Colorado when he got the cold! Maybe the crazy weather had something to do with it. I also have a theory that perhaps the higher altitude doesn't help when preemie lungs are concerned? I have a cousin in Denver who was born at the EXACT same gestation as my son (31 weeks, 4 days) and he had a lot more problems with his lungs than my son did (and he was a few ounces bigger than my son even). It's probably mostly the luck of the genetic draw, but that extra 5000 feet above sea level may not help. (we live in Southern California - pretty much 0 feet sea level - lol!)

Anyway, I was scared at first when he got his cold, but he got over it within 10 days and never had any wheezing. I take him everywhere with me, and I'm just super careful about letting people cough or sneeze near him and wiping down everything he touches with wipes - changing tables, eating tables, etc. And if he touches something without it being cleaned, I try to wipe down his hands before he can get them into his mouth! And I ALWAYS wash my hands (sometimes multiple times - lol) - or use Purell if no sink is around - before making his bottle or feeding him solids.

Good luck - I hope your little one doesn't end up in the hospital next time :(

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