PPROM at 18 weeks

My daughter's had PPROM last week T 18 weeks 0 days. She is home on bed rest and has very low fluid. I would like to hear stories of positive outcomes please. She is 19 weeks today. The doctor said that if she can make it to 23/24 weeks the will admit her and give her steroid injections. But the lungs need fluid to develop. Please share your miracle stories with me.

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Hi, very sorry to hear about your daughter. I also had pprom. Mine was at 17wks. Was given bed rest, antibiotics and steroid injections. My son came at 32wks so he held on for a long time! He weighed a relatively 4lb. He was in special care for just over a month and is now a very happy and healthy 5yr old.
I know it's so scary but stay positive.
I had a miracle baby so it is possible!
Please keep me informed and I you need to talk to someone just msg me.. I would of liked to have had someone to talk to that has been there.
Take care
Kelly xx

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