Pprom at 18 weeks - New with lots of questions!

Hi, I'm currently 21 weeks but my waters ruptured at 18 weeks. By 20 weeks I had no measurable fluid but at the u/s yesterday they found 3 small pools, all less than 1cm deep. So as it stands we have decided to continue with the pregnancy, I'm at home resting but not on bedrest and trying to keep myself sane!

I have so many questions and have read alot of threads from women who seem to have gone through a similar situation and I'm wondering if anyone has a success story after their waters broke before 20 weeks? I've seen lots for 22 or 23 weeks but obviously lung development has usually completed by then and at 18 weeks this would be the main concern. My biggest fear is that my daughter will make it to viability but he lungs will be so underdeveloped that she will not survive.

Thanks in advance :-)

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My water broke at 19 weeks. My son was born at 33 weeks 1 day. My amniotic fluids varied through out that time. I did have to stay on bedrest most of which was in the hospital. My son is home after 28 days in the NICU. He needed oxygen only for the firstMy kids are up now but please feel free to message me or reply with any questions.

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Thanks for your reply, it's good to know that not all hope is lost! Can I ask if you had much fluid up to 22 weeks? My fluid seems to have built up a little in the last week but not much and I'm concerned that by the time there is enough we might have missed the slot for lung development. Also did you have steroids at any point?


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I pPROMed at 20 weeks gestation, following an amniocentesis. At 21 weeks, I had 9 cm of measurable fluid, by 22 weeks I didn't have any fluid remaining. I was put on bedrest and received steroid injections at exactly 23 weeks gestation. The pregnancy continued for 2 more days and our sweet little girl, Carlee was born at 23 weeks, 2 days gestation weighing 1 lb, 2 oz.

Rest as much as you can, drink LOTS of water, and try to stay positive. Obviously, I hope and pray that you can continue your pregnancy for longer than I did. But if you do not, hope is not lost. Carlee is now 14 months old and is doing wonderfully! You are in my prayers.

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Actually, that was when my fluid was a total of 1.3 cm. towards the end it mainly ranged from 8 to 11 cm. I leaked all the time and my fluid was often a shade of pink. i had steroid shots and 6 hours of magnesium iv at 24 and 26 weeks.Otherwise bedrest where I walk three steps to the bathroom and rode a wheel chair to ultrasounds and of course drinking water which wasnt my strong suit. Wishing you all the best.

Babycenter.com has a group for pprom and there many success stories. I found that group at the very end of my pregnancy.

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Just make sure they keep an eye on the baby checking that the cord doesnt wrap around the neck. No fluid to cushion between baby and cord if it happens. Please, it is your body and if you think something has changed make them check. Dont accept them telling you everything is ok without checking and demand to see the screen when doing an ultrasound if they do one.

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Thanks Ladies, I've joined the babycentre group in hope of a little more advice. They have lots of success stories which helps. It's so hard to feel hopeful at the moment.

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Hi i have the same issue my membranes ruptured at 16 weeks iam now 24 i have never had any measurable fluid only at 17 weeks i had 2.3cm since then i have had NONE whatsoever i dont want to scare you but i still have hope for my baby although the time when my babys lungs were developing i most likley had no fluid all these ladies that have had some i have to admit is wonderful because the doctors told me if i had even just a little they would have hope for me and my baby but seeing as i havent they gave me a 90% chance my baby wont be born with lungs even if i do carry this baby past 30weeks iam very scared as this is my first pregnancy and i dont seem to be leaking much at all but thats because i have nothing to leak :( i hope soon i can come back and share a success story im trying to stay positive as much as i possibly can:( i hope all goes well for you! xo

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what was your fluid like up until 24weeks? Because i have had none and im so scared:( and they told me that my baby will come out deformed and squashed and most likley have club foot, did any of this affect your baby physically having no fluid for so long? Hitting 24 weeks im just so scared because i feel like my baby will survive but in all reality my baby mite not:(
Sorry for all the questions im just so scared and nervous sorry also did u give birth naturally or? and i dont seem to be leaking fluid anymore it has only been blood a small amount tho since about 19 weeks i dont get that gush of fluid anymore and some days i get nothingut when i have an ultrasound it still shows no fluid at all:( i have a feeling my baby isnt peeing anymore i feel asif everyhin has stopped working:(

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I ruptured at 17weeks. I was put in the hospital on bed rest at 24 weeks and had my son at 30weeks and 5days. I leaked fluid and would bleed on an off through the whole thing. My son is now a beautiful health 6week old he is still in the Nicu but is coming home this weekend or the first of next week. The doctors made all sorts of comments on how I should consider termination and how my baby would have so many issues and problems. I only had one pocket of fluid and some days it would measure at a 1 some days it was at a 3 my baby has no physical issues what so ever. @ krriissty- stay positive my baby was on the ventilator for the first two weeks of his life but now he is doing great no problems with his lungs what so ever. You guys can do it. It is so hard im not going to lie. But it is so worth it. Be strong. These little ones are amazing fighters.

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I had next to no fluid up until 24 weeks. They only did ultrasounds every two weeks at that point so I only had a couple. One time I had 3 cm total and the second time it was 1.3 cm. My numbers were better after that even though I had bleeding on and off and gushing fluid daily. I was always worried sick.The doctors were concerned by my low fluid levels in such a critical time. They also told me about contractures and clubfoot. My lil one is just fine physically. He has to see an audiologist and opthamologist. The doctors never let me forget that no matter how long I made it my baby might be born and not be able to breathe air.

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