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I havent posted on here before but have been reading many of the post and finally decided to post. My son is a former 29 weeker who will be three in June (august for adjusted) he has "caught up" to his "peers" in all but his speech......anyway my question is to any parents trying to potty train their preemie or even FT child. We started potty training about 3 weeks ago and so far its going great as long as we stay home and he doesnt have to go #2. He will not got potty in public restrooms nor will he go #2 anywhere but in a diaper. Has anyone else come across this issue, and if so how did you deal with it? His older brother did not have any issues during potty training and i'm not sure how to deal with these issues. Thanks.

mommy to Joey (FT 7yrs old) and Chris (29 wkr, 2.5 yrs old)

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This sounds sooo familiar!! My twins are now 4 and although one trained just after their third birthday, the other had no desire. Once she finally started to train at about 3 1/2, she would not go anywhere but at home. I wound up putting her whole potty seat in my minivan so that if she needed to go while we were out, I could just take her back to the car and plop her down on it. I kept layers of grocery bags wrapped around the little bowl and when she would finish, I would wipe her with wipes which then soaked up a lot of the liquid, take out the grocery bag and throw it away. The issue with going number 2, is a hard one because these little people have to learn what that urge to go poop feels like. It is hard to leave that comfort zone and gain an awareness of how the body feels when a poop is coming. For some kids that is harder than for others. One of the best things I did was to make a potty chart. Each night, if the girls met with success, they would earn a sticker. After a designated period of time, they could pick out a special, new yet inexpensive toy. You might try a sticker or toy or food treat for each time he puts his poop in the potty. Whatever his favorite thing is maybe tell him you will get him one each time he goes #2 in the potty. I have friends who gave two chocolate candies for each poop their son had. It worked like a charm.
I do remember feeling lots of frustration because her twin sister potty trained so quickly and easily just as your older son did.

Hang in there! Chris will get it!!

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Hi Mendy,

Oh, I feel your pain! My daughter just turned 4 and she's been a real pain to potty train. I thought her brother was difficult! Cassie actually likes to use "foreign" potties, so getting her to go outside the house is easier than, say, getting her to come in from the backyard to go! BUT her brother, Gavin, was just like Chris. It was fine if we were home, but he wouldn't touch a public toilet. What worked for me (and I'm sure I must've been lucky to think of this at just the right moment) was that each time he used a potty outside the house, I stuck a glow-in-the-dark star on his ceiling at night. Now he's got a whole universe up there. Of course, he's also 6, but we haven't used them as potty prizes in a long time. I also started using them for Cassie to get her to stay dry during the day. It worked pretty well for her too, although mostly, I just had to give her time. I think she's just about there...although she still sometimes forgets if she's outside having fun.

Interestingly, #2 hasn't been that much of a problem except that Cassie *won't* go #2 anywhere but home, unless it's an emergency. And that's kind of O.K. with me. I have a friend who actually made her son a cake when he first pooped in the potty. She'd bribed him that way and it worked incredibly well. Of course, he was almost 4 too!

My daughter was really very, very resistant to potty training on MY timeline. She wouldn't go when I asked her. She'd kick and scream and say she didn't need to go...then wet her pants. I ended up using a much more hands-off approach and it worked better for her.

Nighttime training...that's a totally different story. My son was relatively easy once we decided that the Pull-Ups were hampering his success. A week or so of wet sheets was all it took. His sister...uh...maybe by kindergarten!

Good luck. I know it's a frustrating road to travel!


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Hi Mendy,

I also have twin girls born at 29w5d who will be three years old this coming June, so we have that in common. I only made very feeble efforts to potty train them yet but my son is 5 y and I can tell you that he took a few months to do #2 after he was trained with peeing. He was fine peeing outside home (he was also in preschool) but once he began to go #2 in his potty, we just took his potty with us anywhere until he transitioned to the regular toilet. He was fully potty trained by 3.5 y old. I plan to be more serious with training the twins in May when it is warm enough so I can let them go around naked from waist down.


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I am also in the same boat. My daughter, just three (34 months adjusted), is very resistant to using the potty. I have no problems giving her more time other than I have her enrolled in pre-school for September and she must be potty trained to go. I really feel she's ready for pre-school and want her to attend the school, but it's private and there's no way I can get them to make accomodations for her, nor do I really want that. We also had a huge set-back this week. She was hospitalized for dehydration due to a severe case of Rotovirus (we're on the third day here) and when they initially admitted her the staff insisted on a urine specimin from a catheter, which totally traumatized her. She just started letting us diaper her again without screaming after two days. Any one have any ideas on how to overcome this? I know I will have to lay off the training now for at least a few weeks for starters, but I was just wondering how other preemie moms have dealt with hospital set-backs in general, too. We were fortunate to only have to stay 2 1/2 weeks after her birth and haven't had to go back until just now-perfect timing (not that any time is a good time). Anyway, any advice would be helpful and I feel for you. Just know we're struggling right along with you.

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Thank you all for your posts. Chris has had good days and bad days as far as potty training goes. I have until september when he starts preschool to get him potty trained (or at least so he can hold it the few hours a day he will be there). We did solve the not wanting to go in public issue. we bought a portable seat that fits on top of the big potty to make it "his size" then it folds neatly into his "big boy bag" aka diaper bag. Again thanks for your help

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