Pediasure - *Not* Regarding A Weight Issue

Hi Everyone,

I've combed through the last year or so of Pediasure-related discussions, and haven't quite found an exact answer to my question.

My preemie is just about 15 months actual, 13 months adjusted. His weight is right on target with other toddlers his actual age, as he pretty much caught up in that department when he was around 7 months actual (robust nurser!). My question is regarding adding nutrients/vitamins to his intake, obviously for just the nutrient sake of it, not at all for weight issues.

He eats a predominantly organic diet with a good balance of greens, proteins, veggies, dairy, whole grains, etc. We started solids when he was around 6.5 months actual. He's been on only organic whole cow's milk since he was 13 months actual, meaning no more formula (Enfamil AR, and Next Step) - just straight milk. He has no food allergies.

I know this may sound like a moot point to some, but have any of you given your preemie Pediasure occasionally, in addition to their milk, just to boost their nutrients? And was it successful for you, in that they enjoyed it and didn't reject it? The Next Step he was on was repulsive (aren't all formulas.. why don't they taste good?).. So we do not want to go back to the ENS.

I haven't gotten a hard and fast answer from the dr's I've consulted. You know how they all have a difference of opinion on just about everything. .. :p

Thanks for your feedback.

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My daughter is 14 months, 12 1/2 months adjusted and is in the process of being switched from Alimentum to PediaSure. She is primarily tube fed and the doctor said that PediaSure is a toddler formula containing ALL the necessary nutrients. On the PediaSure website it lists everything in the product and it states it can be used as a primary formula if your child is not eating solids or it can be used to supplement those that do not eat enough.

Hope this helps.

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Do you use a multivitamin? That would be easier and cheaper than pediasure. My daughter is on pediasure for weight gain. My son doesn't need it, but they both get a multivitamin everyday. Just check with your doc to see if you need the kind with extra iron or fluoride.
Hope this helps a little.

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well pediasure is very sweet and it does take a child time to get used to it. my son will not drink regular milk now.pediasure should only be used for children with eating problems because it can cause them to not like anyhting but it because it is sweet and it has alot of calories so can cause kids not to eat cause they get full on it. try 1/2 multivitamin instead.when he turns 4 he can have whole is also very expensive -most kids dont like wiyhout coohersion and i dont think you can buy just 1 to try it! it does smell nasty just like formula!!hope this helps!

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If weight gain is not an issue and your child is eating enough then I don't think Pediasure is what is best. We supplement our daughter with Polyvisol by Enfamil. Our daughter is still small for her age (17 months actual, 13 1/2 corrected), but she is on the standard growth chart and has been for sometime. We have oral motor issues and just two teeth and our doctor recommended the multivitamins instead of the supplement drink. He said that unless weight loss sets in, this should be sufficient. It is less expensive and she seems to be doing great with it.

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Hi we use pediasure sometimes in addition to formula for my 25 weeker who is now 15 months and 1 corrected age. We just went to a GI doctor and he suggested that we use this instead of Next Step. He said that he uses this for his babies (patients) getting them ready for milk. It has great nutrients in it. I agree with the other posts that you might want to also look into getting the Poly Vi Sol (at the grocery stores). It has every thing needed. We actually use both of them (vitamins and Pediasure). i hope this helps you out some.

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With my older daughter we do PolyVi Sol and Pediasure- her weight gain is finally normal, but we still keep the Pediasure for vitamins. A cheaper alternative recommended to us by Children's was Carnation instant breakfast. We also do vitamin fortified vanilla Soy milk made by Silk. They have a purple bottle that is just for kids that ahs extra vitamins. Good luck!

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It was recommended by our doctors that my preemie daughter start drinking Pedisure at around 15 months. She needed some extra help with weight gain. In the beginning it did make her sick since it is so sweet but now she loves it and wants it daily. I credit the Pedisure with my daughter thriving. She really took off with her development and weight gain as well as her health after she had been on it for a few months. She is hardly ever sick now and if she has a day where she will not eat I feel good knowing that she will get what she needs from the Pedisure. I highly recommend it. We also use a multi vitamin. The Pedisure is expensive but they do have a brand named Parent's Choice at Wal Mart which is the same thing. You could also do half Pedisure and half whole milk which is what we are doing now. Good luck!!

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Thank you to everyone who replied. I've been giving my little guy the Pediasure for several days now, once a day, and he seems to like it. I also still give him straight milk and he has not rejected it because it's not as sweet as the Pediasure. I like the idea of cutting the Pediasure with milk. I think I will try that. I did actually look at the Parent's Choice at Walmart over the weekend, and also the Kroger store brand, but did not buy them, as I'm slightly hesitant to buy store brands because of the lack of quality in some items I've tried in the past. I might revisit that. I am also going to look more into the Polyvisol, which I had not come across before.

Thanks again!

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