On the vent and having Dsat's??

I also have a question for anyone who had a child on the vent, I'm still new to this and have no clue...is it normal for them to have Dsat's while they're on the vent???? Her vent settings are at 30% oxygen...the nurse who came over when the alarm was going off said it was because she kept moving around a lot...not sure why that would cause that...? I've never actually seen that happen to her before so it kind of freaked me out because it happened twice in the couple hours I was there.

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yes it's normal and quite common.30 percent oxygen is ok as well,how long has she been on the vent for?

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I'm at the one month mark now - my girl was on CPAP for one week near the beginning before she needed to go back on the vent due to infections in her lungs. So it's been 3 1/2 weeks total now now. Moving around can cause DSats and the oxygen should come back up on it's own.
I am so used to hearing alarms going off now that I have learned how to know when to be concerned. Try to remember that your nurses are very used to all of this and that if they aren't panicking, you most likely shouldn't either. They told me this in the beginning - but it took a while before I started to relax a bit.

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Hi, I have a baby boy born at 24 weeks who will be 1 next month. He came home after many issues 5 weeks ago! Any how, what the nurse was saying was the oxygen probe (SATS probe) on the baby will not give a correct reading if the baby is moving as it give interference which could be why the machine alarms.

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30% is great BTW, normal air is at 21% so she is doing great!

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I agree with all the other posts here. And two dsats in the couple hours you were there? That's fantastic actually! My son was on the vent for about 8 weeks...and he dsatted constantly. Probably every 5-10 minutes. From what my NICU told me, as long as they bring their oxygenation back up on their own, they are happy with it. (my son dsatted even on the day he came home...so it's not a show stopper)

For your daughter to be on 30%, she is doing wonderful!
I know it's scary with all the machines and beeps...even though it sounds crazy, soon you'll hear machines and know exactly what's happening to whom - and your worries will slowly start to go away. Let me know if you need anything!

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Thanks, that makes me feel a little better knowing it's pretty common. She's been between the CPAP and vent since she was born...she had been on the CPAP for about 3 or 4 days this past week again, then they transfered her to another hospital and put her back on the vent before the transfer.

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Maybe she wants to come off of it. My kids both started alarming like crazy the day before they were extubated. I had one that was always really junkie with secretions, and couldn't cough them up when she was on the vet.

She kept setting the pulse ox off, but then they extubated her, her blood gas was better than it was on the vent. Or it could just be the pulse ox. It is really hard to get them to read right. If the little bar that bounces up and down next to the numbers is bouncing in a good rythm then it's reading right, otherwise if it keeps going like way up, then way down that means it's not reading right.

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