my two year old (former preemie) always is sick

Cally was born at 32 weeks via emergency c-section (I had complete placenta previa and multiple abruptions, we basically came close to bleeding to death, I also have autoimmune bleeding disorder (perfect combination right?).

Cally has been sick since the day I first took her out of our home. Basically back to back sickness since then and only has periods of good health during summer months. I was not able to breast fed (literally went blind trying to!) her. She even had pneumonia on her first birthday. This last sickness was a doosie, with very bad coughing that kept her from sleep. Nothing helped. It was totally awlful. Each time I say to myself, "wow, this last sickness was worse than the last time!".

Now that she's two we still experience back to back sickness. She literally has been well for a few days inbetween each illness (lately). I feed her very healthy, organic foods with fruits and veggies, free range eggs, etc. She receives no dairy or wheat products. She goes for allergy testing later this month.

The worst part of this sickness thing is she becomes hyper active when sick, and is unresponsive to obedience. It's extremely frustrating and those few days I have my "healthy" Cally back, I'm so relieved to have a normal child.

I've tried all the natural stuff to make her well, herbs, homeopathy, diet, etc. I'm not sure what else to do. I'm kinda sad about it and guess I am looking for other parents who face this issue! Does it get better?

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Wow, I almost could have written this myself!! My DD was born at 33 weeks by emergency c section due to pPROM. She was 4 lb 5 oz and 16 ins long and had a very uneventful stay in the NICU. I brought her home at 10 days old and she was thriving. She got RSV at 10 weeks, then did well until she got penumonia at 11 months. After that her healthy really started to suffer. She was always sick, and at 23 months she was diagnosed with asthma. We started a prevention plan, but it wasnt enough. I had to quit my job because having her in day care was causing her to be sick and always at the doctors office.

She is now 5 years old, very underweight, still suffering repeated lung issues as well as chronic sinusitis. We have tried 5 times to get a simple dental surgery done and each time her lungs have not been healthy enough for anestesia. We are now scheduled to do it at a childrens hospital 4 hours away on Monday.

Please feel free to email me anytime, I would love to keep in touch with you. Sounds like we may be battling some of the same issues.

Here is a blog I started for her to keep family and friends updated on her progress.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Wow sounds exactly like my son also, We have been trying to battle and figure out this thing as well he is always sick each time its worst than before. Hes pediatrician has tried him with Albuteral, Xopenex, Flovent, and now Prednisolone so far he is still the same he has been sick for a whole month and 2 weeks now, he's sinus infection cleared up but the cough never seems to ever go away. He is symptom free for the most 4 days and than again sick. I really hope that it isn't asma or anything like that. They are going to test him for pertussis next . I just dont know what to do to make him feel better anymore he is only 15 months and everyday and nite I feel like Im torturing him with the breathing treatments and meds. He has been so miserable I can see it in his eyes they look so tired and red and he is not acting like himself lately he is usaully very playful and full of laughter. He had a chest x-ray done yesterday to see if they find anything abnormal and check if he maybe could of swallowed something.Have they found a diagnosis for your little girl yet? Hope so... best of luck with your little one!

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Have any of your LO's talked about the long term potential impact of RSV? Our pulm. talked with us about how he has seen early on RSV impacting respiratory status until 6-8 years old. Did she ever have RSV? Do the illnesses tend to be similar (like mostly respiratory - upper or lower or are they more sinus or ear)....

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Typo - sorry, I meant your LO'S doctors...

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Yes she had RSV on her first birthday, was hospitalized with pneumonia. She received IV antibiotics for the pneumonia. What a way to spend your first birthday right? The RSV sickness by far was the worst one ever. She screamed in pain all night, and the doctors said that her throat was raw, either from the infection or acid reflux burning her throat due to the agitation of the sickness. I haven't gotten a diagnosis on her yet and we await the allergist at the end of the month. I'm thinking maybe we too should investigate a pulminologist and not the run of the mill allergy doc who is used to an assembly line of giving kids allergy shots. The infections are mainly sinuses and lung. Fortunately she is not an ear-infection baby. Two sicknesses ago she had very crusty, pus filled eyes, other than that her eyes look good this time around.

I'm very blessed in the fact that she's still eating really good despite always being sick! The two weeks she had RSV she ate 4oz of milk a day, that way it, for two weeks!

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My advice is to speak with your pediatrician and get referrals (if you need them) to: a pediatric pulmonologist, and pediatric ENT (or otolaryngologist), and a pediatric immunologist.

My daughter was routinely hospitalized 3 times per year for pneumonia and/or RSV for her first 4 years. The pediatric pulmonologist actually did the least for us, but he administered her RSV shots and monitored her lungs (which were almost always fine when she was there). The pediatric ENT put in ear tubes and did a major ear surgery due to impacted infection in my daughter's mastoid bone. The pediatric immunologist was the most enlightening: he discovered she had low immunities which were underlying her susceptibility to illness. He put her on long-term medications to help her lungs cope better plus a long-term preventative antibiotic to kill off infections before they could get a foothold.

My daughter's health was quite a roller coaster ride for quite a while, but thanks to the efforts of all the physicians involved in her care, she has managed to overcome all her issues and hasn't needed to be hospitalized in 3 years. I would strongly urge you to put together a similar team of experts who can help manage your child's health issues.

Good luck!

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One of my twins is like that.. He is an IUGR survivor and even though he was an older at 35wks 6d, he had only grown (and behaved like) to 32 weeks.

He had a very low immune system and we spent his first two years in and out of hospital. You sneezed at the other side of the room, John turned it into pneumonia!!!
It sloooooowly got better so by his 3rd birthday, his immune system was borderline-low normal.

He is 4.4 years old today, we are much better off!! Christmas to end of February each year are always our worst months but he got the swine flu and sailed through it in November!!
He is also underweight but he is very into fruits and veggies and chewable vitamins.

I too had trouble getting him to sleep while sick... a nebulizer was my salvation!! It reduced cough and the stuffy nose and we all got some sleep.

Why is she getting sick so often though?
She must be getting it from somewhere. Is she in school? Do you take her to playdates/playgroups often?
We had cut all these off and he was much healthier. Yes it was difficult and we went a little stir crazy but his body couldn't handle it.

He's been sick a few times this year (he is in pre-K) but not nearly as bad and we have avoided the hospital these past two years completely so I call it progress :)

Hang in there!!!

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Cally is in church 2s & 3s 4 times a week. I tried holding her during church services but she is way too active to keep busy, and I end up not getting anything out of the service. I am hoping too she will build up immunity and we won't be dealing with this for years to come. Eventually I'd like more children but can't see myself going through this all the time and a newborn.

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