my baby is scared of new people....

hello all!

my daughter, Izabella is 10 months/8months adj. and is scared of any new people. She is fine until they try to touch her or hold her. Even with my father....we see him 2x's a week - and she still screams bloody murder if he tries to pick her up. The only people she will let hold her are myself, her daddy and her Nana. Is this normal? Why would she be so freaked out? Has anyone else experienced this with their little one?

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thank you, katek!

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great info....i'm relieved to see that this is a totally normal thing! thank you again!

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Greetings, I can feel your pain. My daughter is the same way. She's 11 months now and will flip her wig when outside family members try to hold her. It is so annoying and embarrassing and I wish that I could comfort her in some way--but there is no helping the lil' punkin'. She will cry through about 20 people trying holding her then, one random person (Who she's never seen) will get her and she will not cry---VERY WEIRD! I'm thinking if she experienced daycare she would be more use to a variety of faces and atmospheres??? I definately do not want her to be clingy--Please say that this is just a stage!!!

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My son is 18 months (16 corrected) and does the same thing. He cries when my husband goes out in the garage b/c he thinks he's leaving. He'll only let me, dad, the nanny, my mom, and my sister hold him. He won't let his other grandma hold him or anyone else in our family. He also won't let one of my good friends hold him. She picked him up just to move him out of the way of something and he screamed and cried! My preemie isn't in daycare, but my 1st born FT son went through the same stage and he was in daycare. So, I don't think daycare makes that much of a difference. I think it's just a normal stage and some kids are probably more sensitive to it than others.

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I'd say this sounds great. Unfortunately, my micropreemie daughter seems to have become too used to people handling her since she was little. She is 4 and will hug almost anyone, like waitresses and strangers in doctor office waiting rooms. We're working on talking her out of this.. it's really not good. Better to only trust closest family I think.

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