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Hello everyone

My daugther was born at 28 weeks. She is doing very well except for her low hematocrit count. She is at 19 today. The doctors have been testing her for everything and they can not figuer out why. She has already had a blood transfusion 2 weeks ago when her count was at 16! The doctors are all baffled because she isnt behaving like a baby with a low count. She is keeping her temp up, she doesnt need any oxygen and she is wakeing up for feedings and tolerating her feedings. The only thing is that she gets tired easily.

I was wondering if there is anyone that has gone through and what the outcome was.

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My daughter was born at 26 weeks and had to have about 10 blood transfusions during her hospital stay. Her last one was just days before she came home. They gave me iron drops to give her at home and she they checked her occationally at the Dr's but she never needed one again. She was very pale and sleepy for a long time but is now almost 11 months corrected and during great!!!!

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We had the same problem whith my 25 weeker, she had like 14 transfusion when she was in the Nicu and 1 when she was out of the Nicu, what the doctor did is that he start a treatment , don't remember the name, that she need it a shot every week for 3 months, and Iron supplements.

Now she is 21 months and never anemic, and she stop taking iron when she was 3 months corrected.

This things happend whith this babies.

Just talk to the doctors about the options of treatment.

Good luck

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One of my twins had this while in NICU. She received a few shots (ipogen) to stimulate creation of red bloodcells and iron drops. she if fine since.

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My daughter was in a similar situation. She got her first transfusion when she was 2 weeks old, and her second another two weeks later. The perinatologists told me that this time frame was actually really good. After that, her crit continued to fall even though her retic (immature red blood cells) count was up because she was growing too fast for her body to keep up. The next step was to try an EPO shot 3 times a week which stimulates the kidneys and allows the body to produces more blood cells. Her count was down to 22 and within five days of receiving the first shot, she was up to 31. Ask your doctor about the shot because it is not always used in all NICUs, but it worked great for us.

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although rowen is home now he had the exact same symptoms as your baby. they put him on medication i think it was procrit and that helped but took a little while. babies marrow is immature so they can't produce the cells it should, very typical. have they tried medication?

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I realize that this thread is a bit old, but I have a suggestion that may help in the event that someone else with a similar concern reads it.

Does your baby have blood in her stools? Have her stools been tested for microscopic bleeding? After taking our son home from the NICU, where his hematocrit plummeted at one point, and took an incredibly long time to increase, we discovered that he was allergic to milk and soy (via my breast milk and his fortifiers). We also learned that bleeding isn't always visible in the stool. Stools should be checked for microscopic bleeding. If she is bleeding, her hematocrit levels will decrease b/c she hasn't yet developed the ability to make replacement red blood cells.

I hope everything has resolved for your precious daughter.

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