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Our baby is in NICU and is 15 days old and has his blood sugar drop once or twice a day before his feeds. The baby was IUGR. He was born at 4 pounds 4 oz (gestation age 36 weeks 2 days) and is now almost 4 pounds 14 oz so is growing well.

Can others with similar situations (low blood sugar in IUGR babies) tell how the doctors were able to stabilize the blood sugars?


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Is your boy on a peripheral IV or PICC line and getting sugar in fluids? Today is our 1 month bday for our little girl who was born 35+2. She was 2 lb 14 oz and now weighs 4 lb 7 oz. She started out receiving a lot of dextrose. 25% at 15 or so ml/hr. She is now down to 1.1 ml/hr at 10d and is just now starting to maintain her sugars better even though she is tube fed at a constant rate. I think it's just a matter of time for the baby to build up glycogen stores in the liver. He will rely on those between feeds when his body is "fasting." As his liver grows he should start to steady out his sugar levels. I think your answer may be to just give it a little more time. (hard I know)...

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Thanks for your answer Slickeer.
He was on IV but he blows his veins so they kept him off it for one week. They have put him on continuous feed every alternate feed (every 2 hours) from today. Hoping that helps !

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Do you know how much the drop is? It seems that they aren't overly concerned or they probably would have put in a picc line. Since yesterday our little one has been titrated by half again (d5). This may be the last step before no iv substituted sugar. Funny enough, her body "getting it" with her sugars seemed to happen all at once. 3 or 4 days ago she had no idea what she was doing with her sugars and was completely dependent upon the dextrose and now it seems she hardly needs it. A vast change in a very short period of time. Of course there was a frustrating month worried if she was ever going to get it...

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The drop is usually to around 2 or 2.5. As the hospital we are at does not do PICC lines they are trying to do without it, though that may be a last option. The constant feed over one hour every hour seems to be working so far (fingers crossed!).

Good to hear your daughters sugar has started regulating better. We have heard it happens like a "switch"!

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