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My lil man is doing so incredibly great..He was born at 27 weeks weighing 2lbs 5 ozs and has been in nicu for 28 days now weighing in at 3lbs 4ozs..We had a scare a few days ago..Docs thought he may of had nec or a serious infection..But by the grace of god he does not(lil guy needed red blood cells). So overall Xander is doing great..My question is to all who had babes on cpap..Xander was vented for three hours after being born then straight to cpap for the last month...He has done windows for the nasal cannula and done great..even yesterday did so well they left him on it and lll guy tired out at about 18 hours..Just curious how the transition went for others and around what gestation? There are other babes in our nicu on cannula around 31 weeks and I know all babes are different, just looking for others experiences with this..

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my daughter was born at 25weeks gastien weighing 1lb 13oz...once we moved to the CPAP machine it took her about a month and half if not longer to get off. with our little ones being so small the lungs have to work harder so they became more tired, and leaving them on low flow exerts all their energy, it will one day just happen that they realize they have to remember to take big breaths and the cpap is gone!! best of luck, i spent 5 1/2 months in the nicu with my daughter brooke, and it was up and down lots, my theory is just be thankful your baby is one of the fighters, and theres always going to be bad days but leaving the hospital was the best feeling ever!!

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I am so not a good person to respond to this. My dd was born at 29 weeks and she was on cpap for a day and a half. But she has a lot of help before she was born for three days i was getting high dose steroids through an iv for my asthma every four hours and it helped my dd out tremendously. But I will say this that i believe that she needed it for longer due to the fact that she still has apnea and she is 17 months old and they don't know y she has it. I have been told that as they get stronger and get bigger that it is all up to them and they will let you know when they don't need it anymore. You also have to remember you little one was born at 27 weeks not 31 his lungs still might not have caught up to his gestational age yet give him time and just remember it will happen and you don't want to rush him it could cause more problems in the future. Good luck and keep us informed.

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Our son was on high freq oscillator for 6 days, conventional vent for 6 days, and then CPAP for 29 days. Given that he was born at 25 weeks 2 days weighing 570 grams, the NICU staff thought he'd breeze through the rest. But his lungs had other plans. He spent the next 68 days on cannula in the NICU until his discharge (a couple days after his due date). And then remained on cannula at home until 4 months adjusted (except for 1 week where the respiratory doctor took him off it too early).

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My lil gal born at 27wks was vented for 3 days and then on the c-pap for 5 wks w/ a few hours of cannula each day and then she had her cannula straight for 2 wks then went to room air after that.

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My son was born at 27wks, 2lbs7oz and he was on a vent for 3d. We went to the cpap after that and things really seemed to slow down! He just couldn't get off it and like you I saw a lot of other babies off it much earlier. Keep in mind a baby BORN at 31wks is not the same as a 27wker who is now 31wks. They will still be behind the 31wk preemie at that stage.

Anyway, my 27weeker spent 8wks on the cpap, oddly enough he was on the lowest setting and the drs said it really was not providing him with any pressure but he needed it still. He also was not on any additional oxygen just room air the whole time. He was only on cannula for 3 or 4d after the cpap.

In the end he has no long term lung problems, who knows why it took so long :) He just liked to rest and relax and concentrate on growing I guess. He was a pretty big guy when we were finally released which made things a lot easier at home and with feeding too, so there's a positive to the long time on cpap.


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my son a 24 weeker was on the vent for three days and then Cpap with a pressure setting at 7, gradually the pressure went down to 5 and eventually they took him off it by 31 weeks and put him on a nasal canula later he was off of all machine completly by 34 weeks adjusted..

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