how long does it take to get ssi for my daughter

My daughter Makayla was born 2 pounds 4 oz! She is now home and doing great! I went to apply for ssi for her. DO anyone know if her weight is an automatic qualification for getting ssi. Today I called them and they said that they made a decision today and I should recive a letter but im very impatient. could see also be denied.

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I think its 2pounds 10 oz

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I believe that the birthweight of less than 1200 g automatically qualifies her and they will review the case at 1 yr rr 3 yrs depending on her issues. My daughter just turned 4 and is being reviewed for the first time. I think they are going to deny the her because she doesn't have many issues other than poor eating/ growth but I am fillimg out the paperwork anyway. Keep in mind that you will have to report your income monthly to make sure you don't get an overpaynebt that has to be paid back.

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Most of my work life has been spent working with adults with developmental &/or physical disabilities and I have learned that when it comes to dealing with the SSA the single most important thing to remember is this:


They can be painfully slow, irritating and at times it seems like there is no good reason why they're doing what they're doing - BUT - the one thing that reduces their work load is when people decide that it's too many hoops to jump through, or they get tired of waiting & they just quit. It's definitely a case of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"!

I know how hard it is to be patient when they already move about as fast a glacier - but if your child qualifies it's worth the wait to get the extra help - even if it's a small amount - every little bit helps!

Good luck

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