How long does it take molars to get all the way in?

Andrew starting getting his first molar last fall. The bottom ones came in over the course of a couple months, interspersed with the arrival of his four canine teeth. The top ones started coming in during that time, slowly, and were most of the way in by late January, only they've been stagnant since...that last little bit isn't in yet on each of the top two. His dentist thought they looked good at the beginning of March, but they still haven't come in all the way; a cornerpiece is still not visible on each one of them. Has anyone else had their toddlers' molars take months to move in 100 percent?

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We have the same issues with Elliott's molars. However, his dentist feels that it appears none of his teeth are in 100% of the way, saying Elliott's teeth are where he would expect those of an 18 month old to be. Honestly, I have my doubts about his baby teeth ever coming in all the way... but it's only baby teeth. He doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain related to teething at this time, so I'm not too concerned. We will go back to the dentist in about six months, so we'll see then if he has any issues with the progress of Elliott's teeth.

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Heather, thanks for the info. Wow that none of his are in all the way. This must be preemie related then, for Andrew too. I had wondered if his top laterals would ever come in all the way last year, as they seemed so tiny. They look better now. But these just seem to be stuck at 90 percent in. It's strange. I guess I am just glad he has all his teeth and no signs of enamel hypoplasia yet--it could be worse. But I hope both boys get a nice full set of adult teeth in someday. They should!

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It took Lucas a long long time for the molars to come in 100%

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Thanks, that makes me feel better then that they finally came in all the way.

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Yeah, I'm not so worried about his adult teeth. I knew that with Elliott being vented for so long, we stood a good chance of having some issues with his teeth. But the dentist assures me that by the time his adult teeth were forming, it should have been after the time he was on the vent. As long as his adult teeth end up being alright, we can deal with issues during childhood if we have to. :)

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