Help with grams to pounds!!

Ok, I am lost here.

So, I had forgotten to ask about K's weight all weekend because of all the chaos of her getting NEC again and having the central line put in. So on Tuesday my husband calls the NICU and they told him Kay was just uder 2.11lbs that day, so I didn't bother asking later that day when I went in. The next day (yesterday) I was visiting her and asked for her weight and the nurse looks on the computer and says I was like "Whoa why did she lose so much weight over night?! What's wrong with her?!" The nurse went on the computer and looked up her previous weights and tells me she hasn't lost any (she actually gained some grams overnight)...Tuesday she was 1214g and that the nurse from Tues. must have read it wrong or something or maybe my husband heard her wrong. Ok, I figured that was it, my husband does tend to hear things wrong lol, and it had happened a couple times before when he called for her weight (or at least I thought). But then I went home to look at my little conversion chart that's in a preemie book I got...and it says just under 2.11lbs according to the chart...I then googled "1214 grams to pounds" and the answer came out to be 2.6lbs....does anyone know what's up with that?? I also checked out a few other charts online (thinking maybe mine was wrong) and the few that I saw all said 1214g was about 2.11lbs. I was planning to ask the nurse today, but totally forgot, so I was just wondering if anyone here knew why there is a difference?

Also, after realizing this I think my husband was actually listening after all lol.. :p the nurse he spoke to must have been looking at the conversion chart (they've got one right by the phone) instead of looking at the computer which automatically converts. ces-conversion-211.htm

That's one of the charts I looked up and it is the same as the chart in my preemie book. Today she was according to the chart she would be at 2.12lbs...but when googling it's only 2.7lbs...such a bummer!

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When they are that small, I think it is easier and more meaningful to just keep everything in grams. They are going to fluxuate depending on output (poop and pee), blood transfusions, water retention, even the biliruben lights can dehydrate causing loss.
I know this is so hard bc I lived through it, but try not to let yourself get too caught up in the numbers. Sometimes they can be misleading. Look at your baby. Does she seem in pain? Is she swollen? What about color? How are the feeds going? These are all questions that will help you see how she is. Also, look at the trends of the numbers. How is her weight this week compared with last week? She is so beutiful! Hang in there, Mommy!

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I do try not to get caught up in the numbers, but yea, it isn't easy not to ask everyday lol or be bummed when they lose some grams...but I really don't worry as long as they're trending upward. But when I thought she lost 4oz overnight did worry me, even though it ended up not being true...just different conversion of the same amount of grams.

That's the thing I'm confused about...why the charts and the automatic calculators for grams=pounds so different?? I mean I guess it's not that much of a difference...only a few ounces...but I would think the charts would be more accurate than that.

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Here is a formula for the conversion of grams to pounds:

Using the weight given in your post: 1250 grams

*Convert grams to kilograms first by dividing by 1000 (there are 1000 grams in a kilogram)

1250/1000= 1.25 kilograms

*Then multiply the 1.25 kilograms by 2.2 (1 kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds)

1.25 x 2.2 = 2.75 pounds

*To get the true ounces you must then multiply the .75 by 16 (there are 16 ounces in a pound).

.75 x 16 = 12 ounces

So the chart is right at 2 pounds 12 ounces.

This is hard to explain just typing but I hope it helps. It will always work!

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Thanks Sunshine! I think I get it lol, I suck at math/numbers! haha. So the chart is in fact accurate after all. Cool, thanks for explaining :)

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You're more than welcome. I could never remember to ask about my daughters weight either so I just found out how to do it myself and saved me the hassle of remembering!

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i have an app on my iphone that i got for free it is called "weightconv". It easily converts between pounds and kg. That way i dont have to think about it, it is easy and free.

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Also ask them to put her name on a scale so they use the same scale everytime they weigh her. Jia had a huge flucuation in weight and it was the scale. So they used a post it note and put her name on it so they would always grab the same scale.

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Just follow grams for now that way at least you for sure that she is gaining.

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1214 grams = 2 lbs 10.8 ozs
1250 grams = 2 lbs 12.1 ozs

This is BY FAR the easiest way to convert, and get it accurately. Just go to the kg, and put in the 1214, but put in a decimal so it is 1.214 and it will do it for you at the left. Same thing with cm to inches. If you are doing like 720 grams, then you put it in as .720 kg. Hope this helps!!

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454 g = 1 lb
1 kg = 2.205 lb

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I can see how that is totally confusing. I just looked at your chart & it's not the same one as my hospitals so they probably follow whatever online ones you were following. Crazy odd! They arn't too far apart, though.

Your baby will grow! I remember my hubby & I praying we'd make the 3lb mark & then again the 5. Our son is now almost 12lbs! It's crazy how quickly they move up after reaching 7lbs!

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