Help Raise Preemie Awareness a non profit organization has developed the first of it's kind bracelet to raise awareness of prematurity. They are beautiful braclets made of sterling silver and Mother of Pearl. The little silver logo tag has a very special story as you will see.

100% of proceeds go to MiracleBabies and on to famlies of these little miracles. All work done by Miracle Babies is supported by voluneteers so we can squeeze every cent out of every dollar.

The braclets come in blue, pink, white or brown.

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I love the bracelets, might need to get a few.

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I ordered two - one for my survivor and one for my angel!


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They are nice for an an awareness bracelet which usually is a giant colored rubber band:}

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I'm glad you mentioned that 100% of the money raised by goes to help the babies and their families. If they ever come to my town or near my town to do any fund-raising, I'll definitely help out with that! (They put the March of Dimes to shame! The March of Dimes only uses 77 cents of every dollar for helping babies; the other 23 cents goes toward management and staff.)

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You can now get awareness bracelets at ail

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