Hellppp !! penrose drain 24 weeks 5days ??

Hello my baby was born 24 weeks 5 days he has a bowel perforation so they placed a Penrose drain to help has your baby has had a Penrose drain I need to hear simliar experiences thank you

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My son had it also for NEC. 27 weeker. They left the drain in For over 14 days till it came out on its own. He was given antibiotics for 3 weeks and they stopped his feeds for this time too. After the NEC he had multpile xrays, swallow studies, upper and lower GI, his feeds were stoped many times . We were lucky and everything healed. Now at 2 years old he can eat everything and has no problem going to the bathroom.

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Hang in there, this is a long journey. My 24 weeker also had NEC. She is turning two at the end of the month and could be a happier toddler. She is walking, talking and beyond sweet. But her start was rocky. We spent 5 months in the NICU. After the drain was taken out, she struggled with feeds and ultimately needed bowel resection surgery. She is a great eater but a tiny peanut. Our little ones are small but mighty. I'll be thinking of you and your baby.

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Hi there, my little girl was born at 24 weeks and 2 days. She was sick a lot of her early life and not allowed to eat. SHe kept getting these infections and then would have to be on antibiotics.

She got NEC when she was a couple months old. They thought she perforated, so they put in a drain. Lotts of fluid (infection) came out, but no bowel matter. They then kind of ruled it out that she had NEC. THey thought the problem was fixed, so they put her back on the food. Not long after she started having the feeding issues like throwing up, not pooping, not peeing, when she did poop it had blood in it. They did the upper and lower GI studies and really didn't find anything, so they decided to take her to the OR to do exploratory surgery and found that she actually did have NEC and she had an abcess (infection) tangled up in her small intestines. She had also perforated but because it was so tangled, it contained itself and never leaked. They removed about 6 inches of small intestine, stitched her up and she never looked back. She has not had an infection since! She's two and a half months old corrected.

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