Healthy Weight for 3 month old (1 1/2 adj.)

I am new here and am so far very excited to have found such an amazing place where parents are able to help other parents of preemies.
My son is 3 months old (1 1/2 adj.) and weighed in at 9lbs, as of his last Dr. visit on Jan. 13 when he was 2 months. My issue here is, we are in the middle of changing ped's because we don't trust the one we were using. She told me there was nothing wrong with my son at that appointment when I knew there was and then 2 days later we end up at a Children's Hospital with IV's and the sort. Anyways, she wanted me to continue to fortify my BM for him but he would throw it up, not spit it up, every time he ate it. I stopped giving him the fortified bottles and he gained 2 pounds that month. The Dr. said that wasn't a significant weight gain and asked that I keep fortifing the bottles at EVERY feeding until further notice. Well, I have went against her wishes and have continued to nurse my son. He eats every couple of hours for about 15-20 min and then we either play or he will nap. I am curious to find out what his weight should be at. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I think your son might have a milk allergy or reflux not sure but most of the formulas are from cows milk,if he is Ok with BM and gaining I would not worried. my son is 2 1/2 adj and he is over 18 lb but no babies r the same,my son was 12 lb when he was your son age ,mine is a very good eater thank god,And if you feel that your ped is not good for you change it ,mothers instincts is always right
hope it is helpful to u ,

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Sounds like lil man is doing good on just breastmilk. I hope the new Ped will be an advocate for your child and not a drill sergeant(which the other Ped sounded like). My daughter is 6mos, 3mos adjusted an only 9 1/2 pounds. Personally 9 pounds at 1 1/2 sounds really good and it puts him on the charts. There is a interactive growth chart site I love to use its

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Sounds like your baby is good on breast milk. My little one is 6 months (4 adjusted) and weighs 13.5 lbs.

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Thank you so much. You were all very helpful and to answer the question about milk allergies, I was told to stay clear of milk products, which I do anyways because of my own milk issues, but then they put him on NeoSure which is a milk based formula. This is why I am switching ped's. She doesn't make any sense and when asked about it, she just says it's the way it is. The funny thing is, she came highly recommended.

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some doctors have no experience with preemies,as I mentioned before mothers instincts is mostly right, And I do come here also to ask questions parents have more answers this days then doctors lately,but I'm glad that this site exists,hope will here more from u

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Welcome to the site! This is a great place!

If you already stay away from milk products then your son might have an allergy. I would stick to just BM. My son has a cows milk allergy, but we didn't know until he was about 8 months (6 adjusted). My BM is supplemented with pregestimil, which is hypoallergenic, so the allergy was masked. I, unfortunately, love milk products, so he was getting it through me. He didn't gain any weight for 3 months and now has a G-tube. It sounds like your son is doing fine with his weight.

Good call on finding another ped. No dr should tell you what to do. Healthcare is teamwork... drs have to listen to their patients (or parents of). Obviously, you know your son best. Your doctor should be working with you on the best care for your child, not dictating.

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It is unfortunate that a lot of doctors think that they know everything and aren't willing to truly listen to what parents and patients are saying. Unfortunately, for some people, having a degree means acting like they are the end all be all of medical information. As anyone with common sense knows, you have to listen to learn AND no two children are alike (so it is imperative that doctors get to know the individual child).

I hope that you find a good replacement.

If your child was vomiting up the Neosure and couldn't keep it down, he obviously wasn't benefiting from it nutritionally. Given that cow's milk is the most prevalent infant allergy, the pediatrician was a real dolt by not working with you.

In any event, we found that when we fortified our son's milk, he'd drink less than when we didn't fortify the breast milk. I did the calorie calculations both ways. His caloric intake broke even when his milk was fortified b/c he wouldn't drink as much. This was around 4 months adjusted. At that time, we took him off the fortifiers. It has been over a year since I studied up on the topic, but I seem to recall that BM has less calcium and iron than the average formula BUT the calcium and iron are absorbed at much higher rates from BM than from formula. Formula can be a little misleading. Yes, it has more of this or that, but the studies show that it has to have more b/c the vitamins and nutrients aren't absorbed as well.

The information on absorption might be on

That website has lots of information on BM.

Good Luck!

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it sounds like he is doing little one is 3 1/2 months 7 weeks corrected and only 5 lbs 11 oz. she is on the very small size.she was born on 10/23/08 at 32 weeks exactly.when was yours born?

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Gre8pat my son was born on 10/29/08 at 34 weeks born at 5lbs 5ounces 18 inches long.
I am SO thankful on the information for the BM vs. Formula. I have this theory that God gave us what our children need to survive and if we are fortunate enough to be able to supply it to our preemies, who need it the most, then why don't more Dr's push it? My ob/gyn was more insistant I BF than my son's ped. This has been very frustrating for my husband and I. I am really thankful that we stood our ground on this because at least now I know we're not alone in this. We know no one who has had a preemie nor known anyone who has, so this has been a trying time as I am sure it has been for all of you as well. Thank you again.

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Its extremely important to feel comfortable with your ped.
I had an issue with our ped. and ended up switching.
The one I have now, I absolutly love.
As far as weight.. my son is 13 lbs , he is 7 months old.
But he has gut issue's....

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