Head Ultrasound Results

Harlie's u/s came back. She has a lesion from a resolved brain bleed. I'm terrified as to what this means for her future. They are going to wait till she's a year old to do an MRI. The doctors are being very vague and I'm scared for my babies health. Any moms been through this?
Update: the neurologist believes this is why she isn't using her right side as much. Based on where the scar tissue is.

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Have had numerous kids with brain bleeds that resolved. None of my girls have any physical disabilities. They all have mental health issues like ADHD, ADD etc. but they all children of substance abusing mothers in utero so who knows what caused what.

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How old is Harlie? What are their reasons for not doing an MRI until she's a year old?

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Harlie is 3.5 months actual, 1.5 adjusted. She was a sever asymetrical IUGR 31 weeker. She now weighs 8lbs 2oz 20 inches long. They don't feel sedating her is worth the risk.

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I see, they did an MRI on my daughter when she was still in the NICU. They were able to do it without sedation, which is why I asked.

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It's good news that the bleed resolved and ur baby didn't need a shunt or a reservoir...my Luke did but he's doing awesome and he is 18 months! Nobody can even tell he's premie! Have faith, it's what got me through what ur going threw, just love the Dickinsons out of ur baby and it will work out. My boy had a grade 3/4 bleed.

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