hands, feet turning blue.

My LO is now 7/10 months. Her hands and feet have started turning blue every other day and it is getting darker blue/purple. Last week around her lips turned blue. I took her right to the ER and waited 9 hrs, They told me to bring her back when it happens again so they can see it.

I go to a new doctor next week. He old pedi said it was acrocyanosis and was normal, but at 10 months and it happening around her mouth?

I has told by the neo from the NICU that it could be her reflux causing it. Has anyone else had this happen?

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NO NO NO! Do NOT let your doctor tell you it is normal!!! BY NO MEANS DO HEALTHY BABIES TURN BLUE! I went through this with my (now) 8 month old (6 months CGA) when she was 5 months old. After MONTHS of pushing to find out what it was, they FINALLY admitted her overnight for observation on monitors so they could hopefully catch it. They DID catch it, thank God, and discovered she was having vasovagal episodes secondary to reflux which would cause the cyanotic episodes. Even if it was silent reflux (meaning no vomit or spit up), it would happen. Her GI said that it's considered a potentially life threatening response and required a Fundo for the reflux in hopes it would stop the episodes. It did 90%. I'm not saying that this is what's happening with your little one, but DO NOT let ANY doctor tell you it's normal and they will grow out of it. Keep pushing until they figure it out. I never regret how persistent I was for a minute. Bottom line: HEALTHY BABIES DON'T TURN BLUE ... EVER! Best of luck finding the problem and the doctor that's willing to hunt for it! It took us seeing 4 specialists, 2 hospitalists, and her pediatrician!

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Some doctors never cease to amaze me with their reluctance to find problems. For months they would just treat her symptoms. It's so so so frustrating!

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My two year old has been doing this her entire life and we still have no answers. Please let me know what you find out.

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Thats why I am changing pedis. The one she has been seeing seems to think everything is normal. PT is also worried about her hips and has seen her hands and feet turn blue. She has reflux and has had a reflux scan to prove it. Her pedi took her off all of her reflux meds when I asked about D/C her reglan.

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Lanie's hands and feet used to turn blue. It can be a symptom of poor circulation or being cold. Are your little ones extremities cold? If so, rub your hands together to get them warm and massage the hands and feet to see if this help warm them. Infant massage can help increase circulation, so it may be something to think about. Lanie has a heart condition, which they thought could be the reason. We tried an event monitor, but it went unexplained. It finally stopped after a few months. Anytime your babies lips turn blue, definitely go back to the ER and don't accept that it is normal. My son has respiratory issue and whenever his lips turned blue his O2 levels were low. Never once did anyone tell me that what was happening to my daughter was normal. They just couldn't find a reason for it happening. Also, I would take pictures/video with your phone to show what is happening so that they know what it looks like at the time.

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i cannot beleive that they would make you wait 9 hours than send you home. Did they do a blood gas to check CO2 levels? Did they check her sats before sending her home? My LO feet turn purple sometimes when sitting in swing for over an hour, i'm sure it's poor circulation from little toes hanging over but i would be concerned about mouth area. My logan has bpd and was on vent and 02 for long time so i know when he has a 02 issue. Can you purchase a finger oximeter, appr $100 so you can check her sats when she has cynotic epesodes? Keep us posted

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My little guy is almost 5 yrs old. We noticed this happen a few times in his life but mainly associated it with his circulation (ie not low oxygen) because he still had good energy. We think it was when he was cold, so we would dress him warmer/cover him in a blanket and his color returned. When he was sick with RSV 2 years ago and was low oxygen, we could tell by his behavior- listless, depressed (would just lay on the couch and not move)- we took him to hops and he was satting in the 60's...
But if you don't feel like something is quite right, trust your mommy instincts and ask your doctor! We learned a long time ago that our parent instincts are pretty accurate.

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